3 Things To Remember Before Writing An Article

Every Blogger should keep in mind a few things you need to keep in mind while writing an article for your readers. To a blogger, readers are everything; without readers, there will not be much difference between a blog and a personal journal. If you want to make money blogging and build a reputation as a blogger, you should write all your articles keeping your readers in mind. Three important points to keep in your mind while writing for your readers are

1. Understanding Your Reader’s Needs

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While writing a blog post, you need to keep in mind the readers of your blog. You might write a blog post keeping your blog niche in mind expecting to attract readers of that niche. But what you need to remember is that every reader who comes to your blog has a different level of expertise in your blog’s niche. Some readers may be new to the niche, others may have some expertise, while some may be experts in this field. Every blog post you write is bound to bring some beginners. But that does not mean that you should make all your post keeping a beginner in mind. You need to do some research and understand the level of expertise of the readers. Some of the ways to understand your reader’s expertise are;

  • By reading the comments, they write, keeping in mind the questions and doubts they ask through their comments
  • Asking questions related to your posts
  • Taking the survey to know their level of expertise

2. Word Choices You Make


You should you appropriate words while writing an article depending upon the situations and readers. While writing a blog post, the names you use to include in your article should be appropriate, keeping in mind the readers, the level of their understandings, reader’s demography and geography, and sometimes even their culture. One way to ensure the use of appropriate words is to let a blogger or writer write for a similar niche to proofread your article before publication. While considering the use of words, keeps in mind the following:

  • Remember where to draw a line. While using bad languages and swearing makes sure you do not hurt your reader. Some blog writers have an edgy reputation, but make sure you do not put off your readers.
  • Remember that not all your users are experts in your niche. Try to avoid using technical terms and short names as much as possible, without giving a clear explanation. This does not mean using the full name and explaining each word you use in your blog. Think yourself as a reader and understand which words you needed explanations while you were a beginner to this niche.
  • Know where your readers come from. If you have many international readers, using your local idioms in your article will not make much sense to your international readers. They may not understand the article you have written entirely. So unless you are having only your local readers, using local idioms and words should be avoided.
  • Another thing to keep in mind while writing for international readers is that not all international readers have English as their first language. So while writing for them, you should keep your choice of words as simple as possible.
  • Blog writing is not similar to writing an academic essay or work report. You are allowed to use words like “I,” “you,” “isn’t,” etc. But while doing so, try and avoid slangy terms and try to maintain a minimum level of formality in your writings.

3. Presentation

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Presentation is a crucial factor in writing a good article. No matter how advanced your reader’s knowledge is. No matter how good the content of your article is. While writing for your readers, you should make sure that your article is easy to read, properly edited and formatted, well planned, and executed. Some of the areas where you should give special care while writing an article are.

  • Your article should have a clear structure; it should have a proper opening, an exact middle part, and a good ending. You should write all your content in one go from top to bottom. You should divide the article into proper paragraphs and give proper subheadings to all the sections in your article.
  • Editing your articles is a must. No matter how good you feel about the article you have written. You should make sure that your article does not have any typos or spelling mistakes. It would help if you spell-checked that article after completing and rereading the article to find any article mistakes. Even if you have powerful content, the error can distract your readers and make your article look less authoritative.
  • Formatting the article you have written for your blog is an essential tool in presenting your writing. Formatting makes your article easy and fun to read. It would help if you used proper Bold, Italics, Underline, subheading, bullet points, numbers, etc. in your articles at appropriate places to emphasize the critical issues. Once you have completed the article, you should go back to your draft and look for any vital points requiring formatting.

Following these three simple steps will ensure that your readers are satisfied with your article. Good content and good writing will get your posts the audience it deserves.

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