Get Affordable And Stable Hosting For Starting A Blog

As we know, to run a website, it is necessary to have good Web Hosting that can allocate some space to store files. Every website is hosted on a server to run a website effectively. Hostinger is one of the best web hostings. Let us know more about it.

Hostinger Web Hosting Overview

  • It has the fastest loading page time of just 1.0 seconds.
  • It comes with A+ Global Grade performance.
  • They are providing 24/7 services. For any queries, users can go with live tickets.
  • It comes with a free SSL certificate.
  • Three types of hosting, Cloud, Shared, VPS.

Hosting is the cheapest web hosting service provider, as there is no other web hosting, which provides services at a very reasonable rate. Let me tell you one more thing: it doesn’t matter to your users and visitors how much you are paying for the hosting. They need a good page speed and website performance. Only then will they stay on your post for a long time. 

Users also want their data and information should be fully secure on that page. For that, experts have done sign up on Hostinger and compare it with other Hosting providers like Siteground. From the results, we got to know that Hostinger is performing very well in various countries. So if you also want to go with Hosting Web hosting, you can tap on Hostinger to buy it. 

Hostinger Web Hosting Features

These are the features of Hostinger web hosting –

# Good for a beginner 

If you are fully unknown about web hosting, then Hostinger will be the best option for you, as it provides all the basic features at a very reasonable price as compared to other competitor service providers. Hostinger comes with 3 hosting plans, Single, Premium, and Business. All are providing different facilities.

The two advanced plans, premium, and business provided unlimited Gmail accounts and unlimited bandwidth in their plan, lacking in the Single plan. One more feature that a single plan lacks off is that it doesn’t come with an automatic daily backup feature, a user needs to do it manually, or they have to buy a service separately. 

# hPanel Features

Now Hostinger comes with their panel named hPanel, and now users will not use the control panel. All the hosting comes with a control panel option, but now Hostinger had launched their panel because of some boring drama. 

hPanel is quite similar to cPanel, as they offer auto-installation, easy DNS configuration to an email account, and many more things. Still, there are some differences also, like the auto-installation in cPanel is done through Softaculous, which also offers to clone the website and to do a backup schedule. 

While hPanel only offers auto-installation without including all these other features, filters and routings are also not available in hPanel, so you will not get all the things you were getting in cPanel. 

# Lightspeed Caching function

Lightspeed is a web server technology that Hostinger uses to speed up the performance. This is the latest technology with which Hostinger deals with. Many of the hosting providers are still using the old Apache technology, which is not as reliable as the Lightspeed web server. 

Users don’t have to do anything to enable the function. Just enable the LScache option in the settings. It delivers the vest performance, especially for the WordPress websites, and it is quite beneficial for the static pages, which uploads some graphical and numerical data on their web page. 

# SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a necessary thing that users need when they want to create a good website. Recently Hostinger has not provided these features, but now they are providing SSL Certificates for the users. An SSL Certificate will provide security to the website and its visitors, so there will not have any chances of getting any issues on the website. 

SSL Certificate will also help to rank your website. Many other hosting providers are not providing this feature, and a user needs it in any condition for providing security to their users, and for that, they buy a separate SSL Certificate. Still, with Hostinger, users don’t have to buy an SSL Certificate separately. 

# Money back Guarantee

Hostinger is also providing a money-back guarantee to its users. In this condition, if a user is not satisfied with the features and the services provided by Hostinger, then they can go with a money-back guarantee option where users will get their refund of registration fees in their account within 30 days of Signing up. 

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans/Pricing

As we have already said, Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting, as they are charging just 0.99$ per month, which is quite cheap compared to others. Hostinger comes with various plans as per the user’s convenience. 

Hostinger always wants the users to use their services for a long time. That’s why they came with four payment periods, monthly, bi-yearly, yearly, quadrennial. So users can choose the best payment period as per their needs. Hostinger also providing a 4-year plan, which is very beneficial. 

As they are providing 4-year price, which is just like the same as other service providers are providing for a single year. That’s why it is quite beneficial, going with a long time plan. Users can also choose the monthly plan if you have a few financial issues. They will also mention some add-on services, and if you like it, you can go with it, or else you can skip it. 

Hostinger also provides some discounts and free services on their advanced plans, as they provided a free domain with their advanced plans a few times ago. 

Shared Hosting

  • Single Shared HostingThe single plan comes with a bandwidth of 100 GB and the storage of 10 GB of SSD. The simple plan allows only 1 site, and its price is 0.99$ with 30 days moneyback guarantee.
  • Premium Shared Hosting – This plan allows unlimited bandwidth and the storage of 20 GB of SSD. In this plan, they are also providing a free SSL certificate and a GIT control system that handles the project with speed and efficiency. This plan comes with a price of $1.89$ and allowing 100 websites.
  • Business Shared Hosting – This is an advanced shared hosting that comes with unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB of storage. Daily backs and CDN makes this plan more reliable. The price of this plan is 3.99$.

Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Startup – The Cloud Startup plan comes with 40 GB of SSD storage and 3 GB of RAM. It provides 2 CPU cores, and the plan is starting from $9.99 per month, which will renew at $15.90.
  • Cloud Professional – This plan comes with 3 GB of RAM and 80 GB of SSD storage. It provides 4 CPU cores, and this plan is starting from $18.99 per month, which will renew at $31.80. All these cloud plans come with a free domain and SSL certificate.
  • Cloud Enterprise – This Cloud Enterprise plan is starting from $35.99, and it will renew at @71.55. It comes with 12 GB of RAM, 160 GB of storage, and 6 CPU cores.

WordPress Hosting

  • Single WordPress – This plan comes with 10 GB of SSD and 100 GB of bandwidth. It allows one site with proper backup. This plan is starting from $0.99. 
  • WordPress Starter – The starter pack provides 20 GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. It allows 100 sites with a proper backup. The price of this plan starts at $2.99. 
  • Business WordPress – This plan comes with a storage of 100 GB of SSD with unlimited bandwidth. It also allows 100 sites with a proper backup. The price of this plan starts at $3.99. 
  • WordPress Pro – This is the most advanced plan having 100 GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. It allows 300 sites with a proper backup, and the price of this plan starts from $11.59.

Hostinger Web Hosting Performance

The performance matters a lot if we talk about Hosting. From various tests, we got to know that Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers in terms of speed. From the test, we know that only a few hosting providers are faster than Hostinger, but they are 10 times costlier than Hostinger. That’s why we will put Hostinger’s performance at the top. 

The test of the hosting performance is done via three methods GTmetrix, Sucuri Load Time tester, and Uptime’s Robot plan. GTmetrix is used to measure the speed and optimization of the size, Sucuri is used for insights into Global performance, and Uptime’s Robot tracks the availability in online percentages. 

After measuring with GTmetrix, the average page loads at 1.56 seconds, Sucuri measured an average of 0.49 seconds, which is quite better, and Uptime’s Robot measured 99.997% uptime availability. 

How to use Hostinger Web Hosting?

Attaching web hosting to WordPress is a bit annoying and confusing task. But the hosting comes with an easy user interface so that everyone can operate it easily. For using Hostinger, you need to provide your name, email address, and password to continue. Then you have to do the following steps –

# Connect the Domain

Now at the dashboard of Hostinger, you will get 2 options of hosting and domain. Just tap on the Manager option to connect the domain. You will get the Nameservers details on the next page, and you have to copy it and paste it into the domain panel. 

# Install WordPress

As we have already said that WordPress will get connect to Hosting automatically. You need to open the Auto-Installer and choose WordPress and enter all the basic details. That’s it, this is an easier method than Softaculuos, and a user will start the website within a minute. 

# hPanel Settings

After taking your website online, it is a common thing that we need to make some changes or edit some structure. All the things will perform on hPanel instead of cPanel. 

hPanel makes the work easier for the users than cPanel, as it doesn’t come with an irrelevant option that never comes in use, and its icons are bigger, which makes it easier work for the users. The only thing is that you have to face some pop-ups while doing some work on the website. 

Hostinger Web Hosting Pros and Cons

These are the Pros and Cons of Hostinger Web Hosting –


# Page Load Time

Hostinger is a very trustable hosting service provider, which has a perfect page load time. The viewers don’t have to wait for a long time to visit the website. So users can easily rely on hosting platforms like Hostinger. 

# Easy to Use

Hostinger comes with a user-friendly interface, and it is quite easy to use this hosting platform. When a user signs up on Hostinger, they will able to view larger icons to be easier for the users to read it. Hostinger has its hPanel, which makes it quite easier for the users to customize the settings. It doesn’t come with any irrelevant option, which has no use in the future. 

# Security Certificate

It is necessary to protect your website so that no one can make cyber attacks on your website. Hostinger provides a 100% SSL Security Certificate to the users with their every plan, making safety for the visitors. 

# Support

Hostinger comes with a very effective support system for any queries or issues. So if a user has any doubt, they can also do a live chat with the support system, and they will try to resolve your problem very soon, as they are providing 24/7 support for their users.

# Money Back

This is a great advantage of this hosting provider that if a user doesn’t get satisfied with the hosting service, the user can go for a refund, and they will refund your amount within 30 days of Sign up.


# No cPanel 

There is no cPanel in this hosting provider. cPanel has a very basic and traditional dashboard, and it will be a confusing task for the users to understand the new interface. 

# Live Chat

As if you have any queries about the Hosting plan or their services, you have to sign up on the platform to do a live chat with their customer service. A user will not be able to do live chat if they are not the hostinger account holder. So it is a major drawback for the users. 


Q. Is Hostinger the Right Web Host for you?

Ans. Yes, Hosting is a good option for users looking to buy hosting at a cheap rate as there is no other hosting service provider who is providing a host server at the rate on which Hostinger is providing. 

Q. Is Hostinger good for WordPress?

Ans. Hostinger is the cheapest hosting provider, so here we will recommend going with an advanced Hostinger plan to connect it with WordPress so that you can get your domain easily and you install WordPress in just a click.

Q. Is Hostinger good for Blogging or else?

Ans. Hostinger is a quite good option for Blogging if you are looking for a future purpose. You should buy a good plan because if you are getting good traffic on your website, it is necessary to have a good hosting plan.


So this is all about the Hostinger Web Hosting. Hostinger is a great option for users who are beginning, as it comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to make changes. Its page load speed is also breakneck, helping the website appear on the top ranking. 

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