6 Best CMS For E-Commerce For Your Online Business

A content management system (CMS) is a software or technical way to create, manage, and modify web content. Some CMS is a blessing because you don’t need any technical skills like coding to create digital content.

WordPress can create anything like Blog, Website, Landing Pages, Portfolio, or E-commerce store through CMS Platform quickly and rapidly. It can be said that in a few minutes. This article introduces you to Five different Content management systems and their features and functionalities.

Best CMS For E-Commerce

It will help you make a superb choice to pick one based on their advantages and limitations.


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress Website.


It was first developed by a WordPress theme developer name Woo themes. WooCommerce CMS was launched on September 27, 2011.it was heard that, as is known, e-commerce is a speedily growing business worldwide.

In January 2020s, the estimation of WooCommerce users was around 3.9 million. In 2015 the WooCommerce and Woo themes were acquired by the WordPress Operator, name Automattic, and core supporter of the WordPress platform.

Have you ever been to a window shopping store? If yes, it might attract you to the clearness and pretty arrangements of your needed items. You were away from just a simple search, just like Worldwide Amazon and Alibaba store.

The content management system provides you such Plugins, Add-ons, themes, and extensions. Your online store can be displayed furnish, Attractive, and less harassing for users to pick an item quickly.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular, free E-Commerce content management platforms known for its simplicity and flexible environment.


Easy installation, Setup, and Customization Process.

  • WooCommerce is a customizable e-commerce plugin that integrates easily with your existing WordPress site and turns it into a beautiful, functional E-commerce store just in a few minutes with no technical knowledge.
  • It enables you to create a gorgeous website with some simple clicks to storefront your physical products, digital goods using this plugin. That can be anything like clothing, jewelry, glossary, foods, materials, accessories, and services.
  • There are 1,135 WooCommerce themes in the theme forest, whereas the WordPress.org themes directory has just 548 Themes. Thus, you have thousands of options of themes to choose which exactly suits your brand or business.
  • WooCommerce succeeded in attracting significant standing because of the base products in expansion too many plugins and extensions. It offers you a massive number of plugins, which are over 1000 and hundreds of extensions.
  • WooCommerce gives you complete control over your e-commerce websites. You can manage each section on your site, such as a physical and digital good, variety of products, custom configuration, instant downloads, sign-ups, affiliate links, bookings, subscriptions, prices, Blogs, categories, features and, many more by just using the appropriate extension.
  • Woocommerce Membership extension allows you to restrict certain parts of your website. So, unauthorized access will not be entertained, and you can sell these parts of your website to particular prospects.
  • Woocommerce Booking extension enables you to sell blocks of time according to the appointment.
  • It serves a fantastic page customization feature called Modular blocks; you can customize pages in a few minutes.
  • The supplement has thousands of paid add-ons and themes to make your WordPress site more compatible and user-friendly.
  • It will help you to configure your shopping options like scheduling your pickup with e-commerce shipping and also allows you to tie-up with various Local, national, and international courier services such as FedEx, UPS, Cargo, track on, Ekart. According to the user’s location.
  • It has a GeoLocation system that shows correct pricing to the user, applied taxes on goods, and their delivery charge if they choose COD.
  • Redirect to cart if your customer left purchasing items to cart.
  • WooCommerce Reduces the complexion of audit the tax by making fully automated calculations at the end of the term.
  • Payment is one of the most sensitive terms in online shopping or building an online business. Woo-commerce supports over 100 plus amount gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, UPI, etc., with safe transactions.
  • These payment gateways are robust and secure. It allows you to choose to collect payment through mobile banking, wallet, credit and debit cards, bank transfer, and cash on delivery.
  • WooCommerce management also helps you with inventory management, delivery, and fulfillment of user requirements. You can efficiently serve your discounts and coupons to customers without over discounting taxes.
  • You can quickly analyze your visitors, traffic, orders summary, and checkouts by the built-in dashboard.

Finally, it boosts your SEO Ranking by guiding you through the targeted keyword, which helps you be on top of search results. After all, there are many words left to Praise WooCommerce, but keeping it at first place for best WordPress CMS and because of the built-in features it offers.


Joomla No! It’s not about any scam. It’s all about the Open source of CMS. (Content Management System) 

If you wish to build a dynamic and robust website with multiple functionalities and purposes, you can go ahead.

Joomla is an Open-source CMS Platform on which Websites and Online Applications can be built up. Joomla Comes with Powerful core features, Extensibility, and a user-friendly mechanism to create your website,


The volunteer’s active and expert developer community developed Joomla supported with legal and financial resources of open source matters. It is Written In PHP that uses an Object-Oriented Programming language and is connected with MySQL database management system to deliver and manage content fast.

Joomla itself Contains 6+ thousand unique extensions available on its website.

Recently, as of 2020, it is estimated as the third most used content management system worldwide.


  • Every part of Joomla is open for everyone to modify their site’s particular needs. Joomla has a broad range of different sites type and styles.
  • Joomla has a third-party developer community to offer you thousands of plugins, add-ons, templates, and extensions to permit you to enhance the quality of your web development.
  • Media, Corporates, Education, Government, non-profitable organizations, E-commerce, online registration, and many more can utilize this software. This proves its high versatility.
  • Some famous national and international Websites Brands Like Harvard, iHop, and MTV utilize Joomla as their content management delivery platform.
  • It offers a robust set of tools that allow users to connect with various data when interacting with particular sites.
  • Joomla is responsible for managing web content like Photo galleries, Forums, e-commerce, and other user communities. It has a front controller framework. 
  • It has many benefits over many of other CMS competitors. In addition to 3rd the most featured CMS, it is easy to use and set up, and most important, is budget-friendly.
  • You can quickly access control systems, communication tools, custom products, integrated e-commerce systems.  And it is entirely free to use for all.
  •  Joomla works on MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure that focuses on organizing code to separate business logic and data presentation. 
  • Joomla is separated by function, purpose, and scope that contains Plugins, Modules, and web components.  Joomla, on the other hand, provides you high security.
  • Joomla has a rapid response for its security and can patch it up quickly. Although, it depends on the user about updates and maintaining websites.
  •  Joomla has benefits like Great PHP app, SEO, High Security Easy to customize and extend Every solution you will need regards web development.
  •  Joomla has high content features, core functions, globally professional support.
  • Now users can use the Joomla 3.9 version for easy consent.
  • You can get three migration scenarios: Manual, Assisted, and Automated.

 So if you need an easy CMS platform, choose Joomla, and that too, free-for-all users. Joomla can be an outstanding choice for you to go with Joomla to have a glorious experience with technologies that empower Web Developer to innovate well beyond their imaginations.


Are you looking for an E-commerce platform? Whom to contact? Whom to believe? Is it safe? A lot of questions? So let me introduce you to Magento (World’s fastest & flexible E-commerce platform)

Magento is an open-source E-commerce platform with thousands or more people connected and enjoying a successful business experience.


Magento was developed in PHP language and lay on multiple other frameworks like Laminas and symphony. The source code is distributed under an Open software license (OSL), which proves software transparency.

Varien Inc., a US-based private company with the assistance of volunteers, initially developed this software. Later in May 2018, Magento was acquired by Adobe Inc for 1.68 US Dollars. 

Your business gets highlighted if your business app and the way of presentation of your app is best. Or else, especially in INDIA, many companies start and end within a short period.

So without wasting our time, let’s move on with our MAGENTO E-COMMERCE PLATFORM.


  • Those looking for severe investment growth in e-commerce are in the right place where you can find many PRODUCT & SOLUTIONS under MAGENTO.
  • One of its featured products is E-commerce in the cloud edition (PAID), which provides you with a global platform with customizing, seamless interaction with third-party, implementation partners, and a vast marketplace. 
  • Magento gives you all information about the inventory products they include on their website. Cloud edition is linked with AMAZON Web service, which can provide you services like hosting and full control of your resources.
  • As your customers, visitors, clients increase. It will automatically increase the resources. So the first beneficiary factor of cloud edition you can manage these parameters easily.
  • Magento enables you to conduct commercial transactions electronically.

In short, Magento offers you a platform where you can sell your products and services online. Sounds Great! Magento allows you to manage your products and services in one central location that is your dashboard. Magento has a more complex structure, but with more complexes comes more power.

Magento Comes with two versions

1. Free use

2. Paid version 

About Price: With the best full accessibility and excellent services, it’s pretty expensive, but you need to group initially; you need to pay. 

  • Magento is more intuitive to learn, which gives you full detail about the app, which makes its usability more Convenient. 
  • With Magento, you can showcase hundreds or thousands of products of e-commerce that make your scalability of clients/ customers more compare to other platforms. 
  • Magento serves you a product type and category which contains Simple, Virtual, Configurable, grouped, and downloadable. 
  • Magento contains multi-storage capability, multi-language options, and navigation in one admin control.
  • Magento Deliver you more security with fewer plugins.
  • If you are looking for more financial resources and Advanced Technical skills, Magento is the best solution.
  • It treats you the same with the best marketplace with excellent development experience.
  • Magento also provides solutions for Small businesses with immediate implantation and growth.

In short, Magento helps you with the services of E-commerce with high skillful experience in one box. The complexity of the architecture makes it a little non-choosing for non-technical users. Rest it is a Powerful and Responsive Content management system.


OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce management system developed in PHP language with MySQL database and HTML. It is made under the general public service (GNU), which means there is not an owner or separate entity that exists.


Christopher G Mann initially established OpenCart for Walnut creek CDROM in 1998. If you wish to build an e-commerce webpage with OpenCart, Wait! You need to be familiar with the coding because it needs basic coding knowledge to have hands-on OpenCart.

OpenCart is one of the most significant e-commerce communities with more than 5+ lakhs registered members.


  • Yes, it’s wholly Transparent and free to use as another e-commerce platform like WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • OpenCart marketplace contains 13,000+ modules and themes to extend your business’s functionalities free of any monthly cost.   
  • The administrator dashboard helps you to have eyes on your customers, total orders, people online, delivered items, sales analytics, widgets, and so more.
  • OpenCart Offers you Multi-store functionalities, which means you will manage multiples of e-commerce stores from a single admin panel. Even you can customize each shop based on your requirement in terms of themes, Product categories, prices, and location.
  • OpenCart has a user management Architecture that allows you to create different user bases based on their performing roles and set up separate access got particular user or User groups.
  • Opencart has straightforward steps to upload your product. All you need to upload them to your store set the Price, and the product ready to be sold.
  • You can create limitless categories and sub-categories for your product.
  • It allows you to sell unlimited products via your online shop.
  • It is integrated with a Built-in affiliate marketing system that allows users to promote your product in exchange for a commission.
  • OpenCart comes with inbuilt comments and reviews the trigger of your customer to purchase the product.
  • A reward point system promotes customer loyalty and stimulates lifetimes customer value.
  • A side entity function allows the user to compare the product prices on the shopping window.
  • The filter option on the left side section of a webpage allows the buyer to filter the product and make it easy to choose the correct item they are looking for.
  • OpenCart powerfully supports multi-currency sales and available in more than 40+ languages.
  • It permits automated functionality updating at prices and setting up taxes according to various locations.
  • When a user visits your website, it makes sure to ask them for email verification and store that email list directly, helping you out with running marketing campaigns.
  • As far as we know, Payment is a significant factor of any online business. Opencart is potently Integrated with more than hundreds of payment gateways such as PayPal, skrill, blue Ray, WorldPay, etc.
  • The Shipping Authority is also great and has more than 100+ shipping Methods in Opencart and integrated with Popular service providers like FedEx, UPS, Royal mail and CityLink, etc.
  • Opencart offers extension which helps you generate sales report and easy analysis of the Viewed product, and purchased product reports.
  • The extension installer supports users to expand the functionalities of their e-commerce store. They can upload modules with easy clicks, even if they are non-technical.
  • Opencart is sure about how your website will look on another device. It serves compelling Operating system support for mobile, desktop, tablet, or any large screen device.
  • OpenCarts takes care of your SEO Leverage by gifting you some substantial extensions to enhance Organic traffic to your e-commerce business.
  • Now, no need to blow money on the expensive Add-ons. The open cart has a built-in dashboard that can track and view the marketing campaigns you run.
  • The Product feed functionality permits you to connect with Google base and google sitemap. This mainly allows you to set the product list and manage how it will be displayed on Google.
  • Opencart has a Security and backup Extension to give full backup and restorations if your site is hacked or destroyed.

It always promotes you to stay up in retailer’s competitions and offers you correct Discounts, Coupons, and special sales without adding an extra tax on products. In the end, all I want to say, of course, you guys can choose this platform without any hesitations. If you are looking for something out of the box, go for this one-stop solution.


PrestaShop is another free, open-source website builder. It is written in PHP language, and for database support, MySQL is there. PrestaShop was published under an open software license(OSL).


In Current date, PrestaShop is available in 60 different languages and used by approx three lakhs online shops worldwide.

An EPITECH school student in Paris, France started PrestaShop, as a college project. Initially, it was named as PHPOpenStore. They launched it in two languages: English and French.  After three months of launching PrestaShop, PrestaShop translated into 13 different languages.

The Entire company, PrestaShop, was established in 2007 by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque. Between 2010 and 2012, PrestaShop Expanded from 13 employees to more than a hundred, with the second headquarter located in Miami.

As the days passed, the company has grown up with more employees and built a base of offices in 6 other countries. As an Open-source corporation, it was difficult and challenging to generate revenue at the beginning, so that they arrived with two primary sources of income.

The first was PrestaShop Add-ons. Through that, they started selling custom Add-ons and themes to an e-commerce store. And the second one, partnership programs with leading organizations like PayPal and Google who were continuously growing up.


  • Prestashop is an e-commerce platform that provides you an excellent interface to create and manage an online business. This will give you the freedom to launch your e-commerce store in some easy steps and selling your stuff online.
  • The Framework uses a web template system, enabling the user to customize their store themes and Fresh features through add-ons.
  • PrestaShop Allows third-party to sell themes and add-ons on their marketplace platform.
  • It also delivers basic and flexible themes by default. Even users can develop and customize themes for their front end without changing the content.
  • Add-on is a third-party program or software added to plans to give it additional functionalities and compatibility. A user has to install it on their software, or they can develop their own.
  • It has a very responsive template to design and optimize your online store.
  • PrestaShop serve you with more than 300+ Built-in architecture to control and manage admin terms like Payments, shipping, Merchant, Product listing, dashboard, Buyer and seller, etc.
  • As the Technologies update, users always look for additional features in the program they are using. PrestaShop has limited and traditional features compared to WordPress, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce building platforms that don’t meet user requirements.
  • It has quiet Imaging tools, but the limitation in Quality updating is the primary reason for switching from the PrestaShop.

Final Words

These are the best 6 CMS for e-commerce websites, choose the one that best suits your requirements. All of them serve the same purpose but have different features and functionalities. Remember, choose the right CMS, because migrating to another CMS will hamper your time, seo rankings and costly as well.

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