Everthing You Should Know About Blogging In 2021

Do you know what a blog is? Who is a blogger and why to create a blog? Why is creating a blog important? If you want to know all the answers to these questions, then you must read this article. Blogging or blog creation includes the expression of a person’s ideas over various interests ranging from sciences to investments, from sports to politics. 

Grab a coffee and buckle up and let’s get down what is blogging and why it is important. Here is a small knowledge grasp on Blogging through the article. This article is designed to clear your all concepts of blogging and provide valuable information. This article will provide you very exciting content which will attract you and give you a lot of information. 


A blog is a short form of weblog, where a writer or group of few writers can share their views on individual subjects. Blogs are online platforms to create specific types of content, share them, and interact with others around those content objects known as blog posts. 

A blog can be dynamic and a part of a website. Well, we all know that there are different kinds of blogs, and these blogs are written to keep your viewers and readers updated about new information and trending things in the world.

A blog can be part of a website or a small webpage in which a writer shares his/her views or opinions. 

Reading a blog or writing a blog is always an exciting work to do.

There are types of blogs:

  • Entrepreneur Blog: Examples of entrepreneur blogs are Guy Kawasaki and Jeff Pulver. Entrepreneur blogs usually describe the ongoing projects the entrepreneur is focusing on at the time. 
  • Multi-author Company Blog: Several authors-company employees from different departments-publish content on this type of blog, each employee of the organization sharing their views on the area of their expertise and department. 
  • Employee’s blog: Well Employee’s blog is considered a semi-professional blog and mainly focuses on job-related topics. 
  • Product/Service Blog: Mainly, this type of blog is created to promote a product or service. In this blog, various features and functions are described of the product. 
  • CEO Blog: This blog is maintained by the CEO of the Company. Few examples of a CEO Blog is Jason Calacanis. CEO Blog drives awareness and helps in building relationships. 


Blogging is maintaining a blog and publishing content on the website. Blogging helps small and large businesses to connect with their customers and generate alternate income. Yes, you read it right. You can earn money through blogging

Blogs provide information about your new products and services to your customers. It has some disadvantages also such as It is time-consuming and constantly requires updates and new ideas. If you don’t update your blog, the Google algorithm will downgrade your website, and your website will not appear in the search engine result pages. 

Blogging is a very process a blogger needs to showcase the feeling or idea or opinion through any medium. Be it a small or large business, blogging always proves to be a beneficial platform for increment and to build relationships with customers. 

Blogger is a person who handles the blog and publishes content on the website. Bloggers create fresh and original content for the website and establish a social media presence through blogging. He/she manages comments on the blog and research other blogs with the same kind of information and the same subject. 

Blogger is also a platform where you can publish your blogs. Most often, Blogger and WordPress are used for writing blogs. It is a free platform to publish your blogs. 


Blogging is an easy process, and there are few steps to be followed to start blogging. Few steps for bloggers hoping to make a positive splash in their communities. 

  • Firstly you need to decide the name of a blog, which is mainly known as the domain name
  • After deciding the blog name, choose the blogging platform, on which platform you wish to publish your blogs. There are few sites such as WordPress and Blogger, which are the best blogging platforms. 
  • The next step is to get your blog hosting. 
  • You need to add two plugins that help you to analyze your statistics.
  • If you want to create a business blog, then choose a blogging team and process. Select individuals that are knowledgeable and who write well as well as have a great online presence.
  • Make a policy to welcome criticism and take it as an opportunity for feedback and improvement. 
  • Create a comment policy, and outline the types of comments that should be responded to, or get deleted on your blog. 
  • Share the URL of your website on other social media platforms, on emails. Without building an audience, generating income through blogging is very difficult. 
  • Use Google analytics too for free to track everything on your blog. 


A vlog is a video blog post. For Vlogging, YouTube is the best platform, and you can earn a good amount of money on YouTube if you have a large number of subscribers. The more people subscribe to your channel and watch your videos on YouTube, the more amount of money you earn.

Blogging is purely text-based and Vlogging is where you use video to promote your product or to share your opinions. Blogs are used to share ideas and Vlog is where information is shared via video on Youtube. 


Well, this is the most asked question: how can you start making money through blogging? There are mainly two ways through which you can make money by blogging. Ad networks are the most common way of making money by impression per click. 

Well, people usually want to earn money through blogging without investing but let me tell you one thing there are very limited platforms through which you can earn money without investing money. The biggest advantage of free blogging is you will not be able to generate traffic on your website. 

There are a few reasons you must know why to avoid free blogging platforms.

There are very limited free blogging platforms, but we all know that publishing content is the same on all the platforms but making money is different on all the platforms. The amount of traffic you receive on your website will be limited because free blogging platforms offer limited features of blogging. 

Free blogging platforms do not search engine friendly, i.e., it will not appear on the search engine result pages. And if your website does not rank in the top 5 search results, it will be very difficult for you to make money. 

Only publishing content won’t help you to make money. You need advertisers to promote your website. Social media and Quora are the two common ways of generating traffic on websites. 

Free blogging platforms will take more time to load, and users will close the website if it takes a lot of time to load. Lots of users use free blogging platforms and they are overcrowded. This is the only reason it takes a lot of time to load. And if your website is not loading, you will lose customers. 

People who do free blogging usually give up after a few months because they will not be able to make money, and they have tried a lot of effort and all gone in vain. They never realized that Google is not promoting their websites. 

If you want to make more money then ultimately you need more visitors to your website. In order to get a lot of traffic, you need a lot of bandwidth which free blogging platforms will not offer you. Therefore ultimately, you will not be able to make money through free blogging platforms, no matter how hard you try and how quality content you publish on your website. 

Therefore you need to invest money in blogging platforms, and you also have to pay money for writing reviews for your website. More good reviews your blog gets more visitors to your website and generates more money. 


So from the above article, you get to know what is a blog, blogging, blogger, and vlog and how you can start a blog, how to make money through blogging, and why to avoid free blogging platforms. Blogging has a great scope in marketing, and it helps in improving the marketing strategies and content of business. If any business wants to opt for digital marketing, he should keep in mind the blogging can help in trading not only locally but all over the world. 

After reading this article, I invite you to make an informed decision on how you can start blogging. It will ultimately help you further in the growth of your business. Paid blogging platforms will offer you hundreds of features and better statistical reports as compared to free blogging platforms. 

Well now, the choice is yours! I wish you good luck to make more money through blogging and use the best platform to make your career in blogging. 


What is the use of a blog?

Answer: A blog is used to express your opinions or your views on a particular subject. A blog can be a personal diary or can be used to publish information on the internet. There are different blogs such as sports blogs, motivational blogs, etc. 

What is WordPress?

Answer: WordPress is a publishing software where you can create a website or blog using different themes to make your website more attractive and beautiful.

What is the best web hosting? 

Answer: Hostinger is the best web hosting because it has the fastest loading page time which comes with A+ Global grade performance. 

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