How Much Salary Does One Get In Marketing

While you are choosing any career option or want to know in detail about any of the careers, you always want to know about a particular field’s salary. It also happens along with the marketing field, where the searches for the marketing salary are increasing day-by-day. If you are looking for the same, you have reached the right place, as here we will share all the detailed information about the marketing salary. So, let’s have a look at the information below:

What are the responsibilities of the marketing manager?

Before understanding the salary, you should understand the responsibilities of the marketing manager. The marketing manager is the one who performs all the tasks related to marketing as well as advertising. The managers who run all the types of marketing campaigns help grab the attention of the customers. 

What are the various lists of the tasks that the marketing manager performs?

As we have discussed that the marketing manager is very much helpful in creating all the advertising campaigns. A marketing manager work for the entire company, brand, or any particular product. Here are some of the tasks, which are performed by the marketing manager. 

Checking the performance of the marketing campaigns and work according to their performance

Creating, implementing, and recommending marketing campaigns and perform according to their benefits

How much marketing Salary?

Now, coming back to our actual discussion and discuss the marketing salary.

  • The fresher or entry-level marketing manager, who is having less than one year of experience, can easily earn around $50,000 annually.
  • A marketing specialist who performs all the major and minor work related to marketing can easily earn around $71.50 per annum.
  • A market research analyst can earn around $71,000 per annum. His duties are to check the current market scenario and learn about the expectations of the customers. 
  • An advertising manager can earn around $141,890 per annum. He is the one who performs all the work related to advertising. 
  • The salary of the marketing manager can be around $149,200. He is the one who performs all the work related to the management of the marketing tasks. 

Factors on which the salary of the marketing manager depends

There are many factors in which the salary of the marketing manager depends

  • Experience of the candidate
  • Skills of the candidate
  • Location 
  • Job Profile
  • The company on which a candidate is applying

What type of companies hires marketing managers?

These days, the demand for the marketing manager has been increased a lot. Whether it is a small scale company or a large one, everyone needs to hire a marketing manager. Here are some of the types of companies that need marketing managers. 

  • Companies and enterprises
  • Computer services provider
  • Whole market owners
  • Promotional companies
  • Advertising and public relation companies
  • Finance and insurance companies
  • Radio and television broadcasting

Finally, we hope you got an idea about the salary of the marketing salary, and now you are having no doubt related to their salary in your mind. 

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