How To Earn Money From Blogging In India

After this period of Pandemic, we come to know how much it is essential that you should have a passive source of income, whether it is from YouTube or blogging, or digital marketing. Today we will talk about how to earn money from blogging in India only?

But do you know what is blogging?

In brief, let me tell you when you express your views on a particular topic by writing an article on a blog, Blogging. Blogging is a vast platform; if you have writing skills and knowledge, and experience in a particular topic, you can make money through blogging.

You may have the question that how to earn money from blogging in India? Before I tell you about how to monetize your blog, I would like to show you the potential of blogging.

How much do bloggers earn in India?   

To do so, today, I am here with some of the most prominent bloggers of India, who are earning more than 10,000 dollars in a month. Some of them are- Mr. Harsh Agarwal, the owner of Shoutmeloud, makes more than 40,000 dollars per month.

Mr. Amit Agarwal, the owner of Labnol, earns more than 60,000 dollars per month, Mr. Faisal Farooqui, the owner of MouthShut, makes more than 50,000 dollars per month.

The names are not limited to them only, and there are thousands of names who earn a handsome amount every month through blogging in India.

So for what you are waiting for?

How to earn money from blogging in India?

Suppose you have a blog, then there are different ways to monetize it. Today I am here to tell you about the top 8 methods for monetizing your blog. Let’s talk about them one by one.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to monetize your blog is Affiliate marketing. Before I tell you more about affiliate marketing, you should understand what affiliate marketing is?

When you promote a product or service, you got some amount per sale in the form of a commission is known as affiliate marketing.

Different affiliate networks such as as- Amaz0n Associates, Clickbank, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, etc.

But in India, Amazon associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs. 

It offers different Commission fees as per the product category, so you check out the fee before promoting it.

Amazon Affiliate Commission List

After these programs, if you check different digital products such as hosting, you will find out there are various hosting companies running their affiliate programs and offering up to 125$ per sale of hosting.

Isn’t it amazing?

It shows the power of affiliate marketing. You should try affiliate marketing.

2. Ads network – Google Adsense.

The next way of monetization of your blog comes Ad network. There are different ad network which pays you on the impression as wells as for the clicks on ads. The most popular ad network is Google Adsense.

For earning money from Google Adsense, you need lots of traffic on your blog. In India, the highest Revenue per mile for 1000 unique visitors is around 4 to 5 dollars. If you have such traffic from western countries, then it can be more than 5 dollars.

It would be best to blog, create posts and necessary pages, and follow the Google Adsense guidance, and then you can apply from Google Adsense. As your site is approved, then you can place ads on your blog and earn money.

Getting approval from Google Adsense is not a difficult task; you need to follow the guidelines of Google Adsense; that’s it.

How to earn money from blogging in India by google adsense

3. Promote Ebooks.

We read books generally when the book is downloaded or purchased from the internet in the soft copy, then this is known as Ebook. Above I have told you about promoting products and generating sales in Affiliate marketing, and you get some commission.

Here you have to do the same, but you will get all the money instead of commission. You can write your experiences and knowledge regarding a particular topic and then convert it into a PDF or word document and promote it for sale.

Here is the bonus tip- You can list your Ebook on Amazon and promote it through your blog, using its affiliate link. You will get double money from the sale and the Amazon itself.

Isn’t it amazing?

4. Promote courses.

You may hear about Udemy, skillshare, etc.; they provide different courses in the form of video. You may purchase classes from one of the online platforms. If you have a video course on any topic, I suggest you list it on these platforms. 

You can join the affiliate program of Udemy and promote the same course on your website. You can sell your courses from your blog itself, but I suggest you promote your course through Udemy or the other online course platforms.

5. Sponsored Content/ Posts.

As your blog gains authority and your blog posts are ranking on the 1st page, some of the brands will contact you for the sponsored content on your blog, and for publishing their content, you can charge money. It depends on your website authority and traffic how much money you can charge for the sponsored posts.

6. Sell ads space.

As I have mentioned about Google AdSense and the other ads network to monetize your blog, you can sell your ads space on your blog website. Again, it depends on your website authority and traffic how much you will get Revenue for selling the ad space on your blog.

7. Email marketing.

You can install a newsletter on your blog, where you can get email subscriptions. Email marketing works like this, and you offer some value to your users; in exchange, they give you their email ids further, then you can send mails of your upcoming blog posts, services, and products.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money. In email marketing, you don’t need to drive traffic if you have email leads. You can use these leads to promoting your products and services throughout your life without any issue.

For email marketing, there are different tools, such as Mailchimp and Getresponse. They offer services such as creating landing pages, bulk auto-response mail, webinars, and so on, at a reasonable rate.

8. CPA and CPL marketing.

CPA stands for Costs per action. You can consider it a part of Affiliate marketing when you complete an action, which may be the number of sales, the publisher will give you a commission as per their terms and conditions.

For example, if you complete a sale, you will get a percentage of the product price, i.e., if you have completed a sale of 100$ product, you will get 10% of the product. 

The publishers fix these costs.

Similarly, CPL marketing is. CPL stands for Cost per lead. Different affiliate networks, such as Maxbounting, have to fill the form from the users. Also, you will get money per lead generation.

FAQs on how to earn money from blogging in India.

Q. Is blogging profitable in 2021?

Yes, of course. Blogging is very profitable in 2021. This is the digital era; think to yourself that you search it in books for directly searching it in google if you have any doubt regarding something. All the search result which google shows are the blogs and website only.

So the need for blogs will never stop, and demand is equaled to Profit.

Q. Do bloggers make money?

In the introduction part, I have answered this question. I have shown India’s most prominent blogger’s earning, which shows blogging’s potential in India.

You learn blogging and try for at least one time to know the result.

Q. Which topic is best for blogging?

There is no best topic for blogging. I suggest you write about what you are interested in and have knowledge and experience. If you want to know the top niches for blogging, then know me in the comment sections.

Blogging is real business; it requires patience and effort. It would be best if you chose the topic or niche of your interest so that you can write about it for a long time.

Q. What are the most profitable blog topics?

Insurance, Passive income, and health niche are the most profitable blog topics to earn money in 2021. But I mentioned in the previous question if you don’t have an interest in it, so do not go with such niches by seeing the high income only.

Q. How can I make $100 a day?

Yes, you can. For earning more than 100$ per day, I would suggest you go with affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, and CPL marketing. As some of the affiliate networks offer up to 50$ to 125$ per sale, you can make even more than 100 dollars.

My views on How to earn money from blogging in India.

If you ask me how to earn money from blogging in India, I suggest you start with affiliate marketing. Further, you can try for CPL and CPA marketing. If you like to place ads of Google Adsense on your website, you can do so, but I didn’t recommend that you depend on Google Adsense only.

As I have mentioned above, you need thousands of visitors to earn a small amount of 5 to 10 dollars; on the other hand, you can make more than 100 dollars with the same amount of traffic in affiliate marketing.

For affiliate marketing, you need quality traffic, not quantity traffic.

Bonus Tip- You can do both affiliate marketing and place Google Adsense ads on your website together. For Affiliate marketing, I suggest you start with the Amazon Affiliate, then try the other network.

I hope you have liked our detailed guide on how to earn money from blogging in India. If you have any doubts or any suggestions, then the comment section is always open.

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