Which Is The Best For Beginning A Blog – Shared Hosting VS Cloud Hosting

A web hosting is a place where you will store files of your website. When the user visits your website, the request goes to the server, and the server response back, and the user gets the result.

It is the primary work of the hosting. But do you know there are different types of web hosting available in the market?

The most common types are shared hosting, Virtual private server, Dedicated server, and cloud hosting.

All of them differ in terms of price, performance, security, and speed.

But today, I will only talk about the Cloud and shared hosting only. This detailed guide will compare these two hostings and tell you which one is best for a beginner- Cloud hosting vs. Shared hosting.

I will compare all essential factors such as speed, performance, security, price, support, etc., of these two hostings.

Before I say something about Cloud hosting vs. shared hosting, I would like to tell you what Cloud and shared hosting are and their pros and cons.

What is shared hosting?

Before I tell you about the shared hosting, you must understand the dedicated server and VPS hosting.

When you have allotted all the server resources is known as a dedicated server, which means only your site will be hosted, and you can use your server resources.

Then comes the virtual private server. When these dedicated servers are shared with different users, each user will have a virtual private server.

For example, if a dedicated server has 16 GB ram and is shared with four different users, each user will have 4 GB ram. That is a virtual server.

Last comes the shared hosting, when different users share a Virtual private server, then comes the shared hosting.

Advantages of shared hosting.

  • Shared hosting is available at cheap rates, starts from 49 rs from a well-known company.
  • As per the different hosting providers, they provide 99.99% uptime.
  • Good customer support.
  • You can easily install WordPress or any other software.
  • Come with the standard Cpanel and CPanel.

Disadvantages of shared hosting.

  • As multiple users use the same resources, it will affect all of the other sites hosted with that server if one place gets crashes.
  • It is less secure, as you are sharing the resources with the other users.
  • Limited space for hosting files.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a network of several servers, which share virtual resources. The main highlight of cloud hosting is its speed, performance, and uptime.

It is similar to VPS hosting, but the main difference is that if the server downs, your site can use the other server’s resources, which makes it more reliable and fast.

The main highlight of cloud hosting is, you can use the resources as per your need. For example, you are using 2 Gb ram, but you find that you need more help than you can increase your resources any time as per your requirement.

Advantages of Cloud hosting.

  • It is a network of multiple servers; hence it is speedy.
  • Cloud hosting has up to 100% uptime.
  • Use resources as per the requirement of your sites.
  • It provides massive storage for your website files.
  • Easy to recover data as it is stored in different servers.

Disadvantages of Cloud hosting.

  • It is much expensive as compared to shared hosting.
  • You should have some technical knowledge of server management.

Comparison: cloud hosting vs. shared hosting

To compare these two hostings (shared hosting vs. cloud hosting), I will consider some factors such as speed, support, uptime, server management, storage, etc.

1. Speed

When the speed comes, shared hosting is fast as some of the hosting providers use lightspeed servers, but when you consider cloud hosting, it is shorter than shared hosting as your server does not share by the different users compared to shared hosting.

2. Customer Support

Customer supports on the hosting provider you choose. Different hosting providers such as sitegroud, a2hosting, Bluehost, hostinger for shared hosting, and cloudways are best for cloud hosting.

3. Uptime

As I have mentioned above that the shared hosting is shared by multiple users hosted on that particular server, which sometimes cause server downtime, but when the cloud hosting comes, you get 100% uptime, as you are using virtual resources of a network of servers which means if one server crashes then your site can use the help of the other server

4. Backend management

When you consider shared hosting, it is easy to manage and use; whether you want to create a backup from restoring your site, it is easy to do with shared hosting.

On the other hand, when you consider cloud hosting, you should have technical knowledge about the server to use or even installing WordPress.

5. Data Storage – Bandwidth and Disk Space

If you are using shared hosting, you have limited space and bandwidth, and when you consider Cloud hosting, it has vast disk space and bandwidth. That means, in terms of bandwidth and disk space, cloud hosting is best.

6. Security

Different users share the server with shared hosting, which means the shared hosting is less secure than cloud hosting.

7. Traffic

When you consider the traffic, excellent shared hosting can handle up to 1000 to 5000 visitors per day due to limited disk space and bandwidth. On the other side, cloud hosting can

8. Cost

The shared hosting starts from 50 rs and goes up to 400rs. On the other hand, cloud hosting starts at 700rs and goes up to 4000rs per month.

Here shared hosting wins as it is very cheap as compared to cloud hosting.

My views on Cloud hosting VS Shared Hosting.

Cloud hosting vs. Shared hosting is a crucial question for a beginner blogger. We know about the website’s hosting that how it affects the performance of your website or blog.

Now the question comes Cloud hosting vs. shared hosting. Which one a beginner should use.

Then I suggest to you that shared hosting is best for beginners the answer is simple, as a beginner, you need hosting that has an uptime of at least 99.99%.

Your website loads in a minimum of 3 to 4 seconds. Your hosting provider should provide good customer support as you will need it.

If you are going to start your e-commerce store and need fast hosting and excellent support, and 100% uptime for your business, I prefer you to go with cloud hosting.

At last, price matters a lot. If you do not have a budget as a beginner to spend, I suggest you start your blogging with hostinger, whose plan begins with 59 rs per month.


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