Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog in 2021

Due to pandemics, the year 2020 has proven that anything can happen at any point in time. Still, the only medium unaffected by such calamities is the blogging yet online earning platform. Blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet and perfect for writing enthusiasts, and its returns are growing with every day passing.

With more and more companies finding their support on the online platform, one can say that website traffic is going to be greater than ever. As it’s unscathed, 2021 will see many people venturing into it with tremendous enthusiasm. Moreover, businesses need an online platform or blogging to make their marketing campaigns more effective, provide greater outreach to the business, and offer deeper customer reach.

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog in 2021

Today, we will reveal the top 5 encouraging reasons to start a blog in 2021.

#1 Opens the Doors of Opportunities

Blogging is an ideal way to voice out your inner thoughts or opinions. It’s the only platform providing an opportunity to talented yet skillful professionals that help you drive positive attention to your skills. Let’s suppose you’re an architect in a company, and you’ve created a blog in which you shared your sketched residential, commercial, or interior layouts. Trust me, your blog could be noticed instantly by other professionals, and suddenly, something that started with a passion turns out into a new career opportunity. So, 2021 is the perfect year to dive into blogging.

#2 Develop an Amazing Blogging Community

One of the main advantages of starting a blog in 2021 is building a community. Creating a valuable community used to be a time-consuming yet costly act, but now it becomes more comfortable than ever due to blogging. 

So, if you got a problem? Your valuable online community will help you out. 

Are you having a bad day? The blogging community will cheer you up. 

Hit a blogging milestone that only other bloggers truly ‘get’? The blogging community will celebrate with you and much more experiences to share with them and cherish your moments.

Everyone can build a community from the ease of their home just by starting a blog. As soon as your blog goes live, you will attract hundreds of audience, and thus they will become a member of your community.

#3 A Perfect Way For Creating Passive Income

You can categorically earn a right yet handsome amount of money from blogging. As mentioned above, an online platform is the only source of income, untouched or unaffected even in the 2020 pandemic, so why don’t you give a chance to make a passive income out of it.

Bloggers monetize their online blogs in different ways, typically combining affiliate links, advertising, sponsored posts, offering services, and selling products. Bloggers who work hard and focus on monetizing their blogs earn much more money from blogging than they could make in traditional jobs.

Moreover, it also allows you to be your boss, giving you the freedom to work. You can make your own decisions about writing, working hours, location, and else that let you rule the world.

#4 Learn New Things On Your Own

Being a blogger, you’re the jack of all trades – you are the designer, a writer, the photographer, the editor, the publicist, the SEO, and much more than all rolled into one. This can seem challenging initially, but it’s great fun as it gives you an enormous scope to learn new skills. In this way, you can learn designing skills, photography skills, accounting skills, and much more just on your own because that’ll benefit your blog.

#5 Blogging is an Absolute FUN

And last but not least, blogging is absolute fun! It’s a total whirlwind: there are, of course, bad days and good days, but the good days far outweigh the bad ones, and there aren’t many jobs that pay you to chat to your friends in the middle of the day.


2021 is all about blogging and bloggers. If you are already running a successful blog, you are on the right track. If not, now is the time to move towards it and earn lucrative deals.


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