Why Do You Need Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Which digital marketing efforts are useful but can be run with a minimal budget? Email marketing is the answer. Many people believe that Emails are outdated. But in fact, the success of product promotion via email is 40% better than social media.

So, to be able to achieve these results, there are several steps that you need to take correctly. The goal is to make your email marketing efforts more straightforward and more effective.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method of marketing products by sending offers to potential customers via email. The use of email for promotion is one of the oldest digital marketing methods, but it still makes sense today.

What are the advantages of Email Marketing?

● Requires a small fee but gives maximum results

● Potential consumers still like it because it seems professional.

● More effective than social media

● Allows for more personal communication

● Easily reach consumers with a variety of different devices.

The disadvantage of Email Marketing – 

It is possible to easily send emails on a large scale, but this does not mean that you have to send junk content to everyone on the contact list.

The mailing campaigns’ image has been affected by the frequent sending of worthless emails to people who have not requested to receive these messages. Take into account that for email marketing to be more successful, your database must be updated and must be a list of contacts who have previously agreed to receive emails.

To avoid this, we advise you to include a system based on permissions or double opt-in so that recipients can voluntarily register for your emails. In this way, you will have a database interested in receiving your emails.

Why is Email Marketing important?

Nowadays, you can incorporate endless communication channels into your digital marketing strategy, which will bring good results to your company or business, one of which is email marketing. From order confirmation to newsletters, email is an essential aspect of business development and management.

The last year, it has established itself as an essential means of communication, creating a meaningful and fast bond with the potential user or customer.

Also, it can be a strategy that will help add value to your company by creating a much closer and personal communication with him or her for your current clients.

Which platform to choose for Email Marketing?

Using any one of the email marketing platforms that I am going to mention, you can create an updated and segmented database.

To do this, it is imperative to choose the mailing platform that best suits your strategy because once you master it, you will save time and optimize your work. Here I have reviewed the six best email marketing tools you can use to set up your email marketing campaign.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is possibly the most popular email marketing platform. Its free version with up to 2000 subscribers has made it one of the most used. Due to its great demand that has arisen, it has made other alternatives appear. 

Its paid version is more expensive than other platforms that I mention. Its interface is easy to use, it has many templates, and it is easy to configure.

  • MailerLite

This email marketing platform is being liked and gaining followers due to its easy handling.

In its free version, Mailerlite includes a multitude of functionalities: drag-and-drop editor, rich text editor, built-in photo editing, file manager, mobile-friendly electronic newsletters, landing pages, integrated subscription forms, pop-up windows, etc.

Its free version allows up to 1,000 subscribers and is a complete tool to develop in our email marketing strategy.

It is also fully available in six languages and has excellent integration with other platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook, Instagram, SendOwl, Zapier, or Thrive Leads, among others.

From the comments that I have found in different blogs, it is gaining strength and is being chosen by a large sector starting to use email marketing.

  • Benchmark

Benchmark is very similar to Mailchimp, but it has a more extensive free service. You do not need to put your credit card when you sign up for the trial version.

Its free version includes a drag-and-drop editor, responsive templates, registration forms, autoresponders, email campaigns, RSS, deliverability management, tracking with Google Analytics, and list and segment management.

It has an explanatory video where it shows the use of its interface in a very intuitive way. In short, it is a straightforward platform to handle when doing email marketing.

  • Easy mailing

Easy mailing is a new Marketing platform aimed primarily at SMEs, startups, communication agencies, and freelancers.

This tool’s keys are usability and design since it focuses on making it easy for the user to use since it does not require excellent digital knowledge.

It has a drag & drops template editor (drag and drop) and professional predesigned templates so you can create your campaigns.

It should also be noted that it offers statistics and reports in PDF very detailed and with the possibility of sharing and custom fields and segmentation, essential when creating your email marketing campaigns.

It has many plans to rates, depending on the number of subscribers. The free account contains just 250 subscribers, the ability to send 2,000 emails a month, and restricted functionality. You will need one of their premium accounts if you have a more significant number of subscribers.

  • Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the most in-demand platforms today among many of the marketers who already have projects underway and are increasing their subscribers and marketing functionalities. They provide feedback and adjust the services to the demand of their clients. They are very efficient in this field.

Its significant limitation is that it is not as easy to use. Even then, it is relatively widespread and has a lot of consumer demand. To learn how to use it, there are also several tutorials and videos. It is a matter of hours of commitment and training to get it.

  • GetResponse

GetResponse is a mailing platform that has a free 30-day version without having to enter a credit card.

Among its outstanding features: Unlimited email marketing, space for up to 1,000 contacts, high-converting landing pages, marketing automation, webinars, web forms and surveys, advanced statistics and testing tools, automated sales funnels, leads.

Once the 30-day trial has passed, you can purchase any of their plans depending on the number of subscribers you have. From the comments I have read, it is a platform that I like a lot because it offers compelling features such as sending videos by email.

Types Of Email Marketing

There are various types of Email Marketing through which you can market your products. There are as follows:

1. Welcome Emails

2. Email Newsletters

3. Dedicated Emails 

4. Lead Nurturing Emails

5. Sponsorship Emails 

6. Transactional Emails

7. Re-Engagement Emails

Final Words

You can include email marketing in your digital marketing strategy for better results. Of Course, you would require some time to master this art, and when you do, you will be churning out a fair amount of money. Also, do share your best email marketing experiences with us.

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