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Marketing has unleashed a new dimension, all thanks to analytics. You must have heard about Google Analytics, but what if we bring Google analytics alternatives that are as powerful, if not more! Forget sending annoying cookie consent banners to your visitors using simple Google Analytics Alternatives.

These Google analytics alternatives are your partners in the top-notch SEO game. Track the performance of your business using these powerful tools. Learn more about your visitors and the effects of your campaigns, and track your goals with ease. Here we compile such Google analytics alternatives to drive SEO ahead, and your business never looks back!

Alternatives to Google Analytics

We know you must be curious about how these Google analytics alternatives work. Whether the website analytics count as plausible to derive conclusions must also be wondered. They wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t effective & reliable. Few of the google analytics alternatives are open source to offer customization. However, the in-built tags primarily collect all the relevant data from visitors and send it to servers for processing. We are sure you’re now eager to learn more about tools similar to Google analytics.


Previously known as Piwik, Matomo can import all your previous Google Analytics data and turn it into a full-fledged web analytics tool.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo doesn’t collect your data to share with advertising platforms. You have complete ownership of your data, and your privacy is respected.

Due to its open-source nature, Matomo is backed by massive community support, and it is entirely transparent.

Do not settle for anything less than perfect. Matomo is highly flexible to suit your business goals. Matomo provides several configurations that can be adjusted just the way you want, like duration of visits, no visitor count after a specific time, how many times a widget is loaded, etc. All are covered, so you never miss it.

Matomo gives a 21-day free trial, and their prices start at $19 a month for the lite version, while pricing differs for customized enterprise use.

Plausible analytics

To put it simply, plausible analytics makes understanding analytics a child’s play. All the essential insights are displayed on one page in a minute. Forget moving from menu to menu and grasp all you want with just one glance.

With GDPR consent, your data never leaves the EU and is compliant with the law. It can handle several websites at once and is open source as well. Plausible is more straightforward to configure due to its lightweight architecture and loads faster than Google Analytics, around 45 times smaller than GA!

Plausible gives a 30 day free trial without credit card info, and pricing is nominal, starting at $9 a month for 10 thousand page views.


Woopra delivers its promise of creating analytics from start to fish of the customer journey. Their advanced analytics tool can derive imaginable data from all business parts.

You can track and collect data from marketing, sales, and product departments and even customize using Woopra’s 50+ integrations. Woopra lets you analyze and engage with customers on the go! Several built-in triggers can be used to connect with customers and personalize their experience.

They have multiple plans available depending upon the duration of data retention. The free program holds data for 30 days, while startup pro holds it for one year and 24+ months for the enterprise. The prices range from $349-$999.


Fathom is an asset for businesses that care about their customer’s data privacy. Insights are entirely accurate as fathom is designed to bypass ad-blockers that blur the exact count of visitors.

Their dashboard is a marvellous user experience with a chic design that is easy to understand. Fathom also provides website monitoring, so you’re never out of touch with your website activity. They will inform you when your site’s down for you to get it back n the game.

They give a free 7-day trial, and prices are fair, starting at $14 a month for up to 100000 visitors and reaching $44 a month for 500000 visits.


GoSquared takes a massive leap in supporting your business. They provide a dedicated team to tackle your issues and are fully GDPR compliant. The various growth tools are integrated into s single platform so that you can easily manage it.

Their analytics can provide the browning activity of the visitors so that you can understand the psychology of your potential customers. Live chats will increase sales and engagement. In short, GoSqaured is a partner for customer satisfaction.

A web analytics tool can vary from $9 a month to $99 a month depending on visitor count, while additional live chats are priced at $29/month to $129/month.


A game-changer technology in our list of Google Analytics alternatives. Splitbee can automate several operations to make your task easier.

Send mails, receive regular notifications, insert data automatically into your database or build whatever you can imagine. You can balance traffic on multiple web pages, test variations such as different wording, icons, or buttons, whatever you want; Splitbee is the answer.

Splitbee offers a free plan with six months of data retention for 2500 events a month and 1 A/B testing. The pro version is paid with starting price of $14/month for around 25000 events a month.


Collect data from multiple sources with Foxmetrics. Whether mobile, web or any other source, your understanding of customer behavioural data is enhanced.

Foxmetrics has over one and half decades of experience and has recorded 300+ billion events. Foxmetric can significantly improve the ROI by identifying the most effective marketing campaign that maximizes conversions. Information is stored in warehouses that are easily accessible via SQL. Create defined queries and fetch precisely what you’re looking for.

The free version covers 100000 actions a month, while the paid one is priced at $299/month and covers 1 million steps a month. Enterprise-grade shall be negotiated separately.


Heap prioritizes the user experience for your customers. Heap covers everything your users are doing on your products or web pages and provides solutions to move in a better direction.

You will predict what decision will impact your business and how. Heap is a leading tool if you wish to market your products because it’s designed to analyze product-related data.

Heap offers a free version covering 10000 sessions/month and can range around $3600 annually. There are slightly higher packages offered at negotiable prices as well.


Umami is the answer for everyone looking for a simple, easy-to-use, self-hosted google analytics alternative; it collects the data you should care about and displays it on one single page for convenience.

The UI is minimalistic and soothing to the eyes with not much clutter. Add as many websites as you want and check real-time data with Umami.

Also, Umami is free of cost, so you save on your investments.


Just the right choice for multi-layered analysis that is GDPR compliant. It pushes real-time content data directly into your system.

You can filter data sections with location, authors, and frequency and integrate with Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.

Their prices start at $7000 a year but offer a 14-day trial.


Privacy-friendly and making real-time action possible, Clicky is your analytics buddy. It simply curates detailed information and doesn’t compromise on security at all.

The referral spam and the bot detection technique are filtered out to keep the insights as authentic as possible.

They offer a free version, and prices can range from a higher plan to around $19.99. At the same time, more extensive plans are also available with varied costs.


Perform real-time actions with Mixpanel and nudge your users with targeted messages or call to action. You can quickly analyze the data models and understand which users are more likely to convert.

You will receive metrics according to your configuration and alert when a user causes those changes or triggers.

They offer a free package and paid ones for around $779 a year.


Imagine seeing what your users hover around or perform. This has become a reality with Inspectlet, which records the sessions and makes you understand why users performed specific actions.

Tackle issues right on time by using the features to predict where customers are getting lost or confused. And don’t be bothered by heavy data as Inspectlet gives powerful filtering tools to manage any data extraction operations.

They offer a free version for up to 25000 views a month, and prices can go as high as $499 for enterprise-level analytics having 2500000 views in a month.

We recommend exploring and experimenting with analytic tools to find the right one. All the leading Google Analytics alternatives are unique and powerful in their ways and have specific pros over Google Analytics, especially the data privacy bit. An innovative business is always dynamic and, therefore, should make use of intelligent analytics. With the right set of website analytic tools by your side, your business will know nothing but growth!

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