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In today’s world, the e-commerce business is taking over the market gradually than the offline mode. Most companies and brands are switching their primary focus to an online store rather than physical existence. E-commerce is now the latest trend for any business. People are turning their heads more to online stores rather than visiting shops physically.

If you want to make your e-commerce store a grand success, then you will have to believe there can be even more sales than it is now. However, an increase in the deal cannot be done overnight. The main area of increasing it is your marketing tactics. If you can achieve the best marketing strategy and implement it most efficiently, increasing sales will be gameplay for you.

Top 15 E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in 2021

Business tycoons are also playing their part in the virtual market with the same object to maximize their profits by increasing their sales to the maximum. Therefore, in this cutthroat competition, it is essential to choose the right marketing tactics for your E-Commerce business, which will help you to increase your presence in the E-Commerce world. At first, you may lack different ideas. If this is the case, you could check here the best E-commerce SEO company. In addition, there are several tactics that you can consider to optimize your marketing for your e-commerce store.

Smart upselling and cross-selling of products

Upselling and cross-selling can help you earn more from a person who is already ready to buy a product from your E-Commerce store. For example, suppose a particular brand in your store has a larger or more expensive version. In that case, upselling is a good choice, as it will show your customer the more effective options available to them at a brilliant price. Cross-selling is the process of displaying or recommending the products that are usually purchased together, along with the item that is being searched for.

Make free trials available to your customers

There is no such customer who does not like free trials. Especially when it comes to makeup, girls are obsessed with trying it on themselves free of cost at first before actually buying it. This helps them better understand the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product or service offered. In this way, you can change an average window shopper to an actual buyer. You can also provide special membership provides that consist of some added benefits. This keeps the customers engaged in the store who stays loyal for the most.

Create a conductive growth website

In whatever way you may look, websites are the essential component for an E-Commerce business. It is the platform where you are going to establish your online presence. Therefore, you must invest the most in creating such a website that is growth conducive. A user-friendly and interactive website with customer testimonials, engaging headlines, detailed product information, and other unique features are winners in this game.

Provide as much discount as possible without compromising on the revenue

Discounts are the best marketing tactics to impress customers. People from every age group, gender, class, status, and others are fans of discounts. Every type of people is fond of shopping from that website which provides the maximum rates of discount. This is a common notion for people to choose the best quality of products at a significant discount.

Invest in good quality photography

If you are working in the sales and marketing business for a long then, you have already experienced the fact that people love to buy only those things, which they find best through their eyes. That means any good that is beautiful in the eyes of humans and suits the taste and preference will force a person to purchase the product. Hence, investing in high-quality resolution photography will surely get you more customers than otherwise. If you want to increase, your sales then go for clear images free from distortion and blurry effect.

Make sure to use SEO for your web pages

SEO all search engine optimization is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. Quality SEO is why some web pages get placed on the first page of the Google search engine. Search engine optimization helps in creating quality websites that are rich in keywords. Therefore, to make your e-commerce store website visible on the first page of the search engine, you will have to opt for good quality SEO service for your product pages. Each of your product descriptions must contain the essential keywords.

Provide time to time and frequent sales and offers

It is the offers and sales that make people attracted to a particular site. If you are frequent with your suggestions and deals, people will be drawn towards your website, creating higher traffic. This will ultimately increase the conversion rate. It is the normal psychology of people to hold on to their desires and wait for their most awaited sales throughout the year to buy their desired products at great offers.

Start investing in content

Content marketing has become one of the essential types of digital marketing. In recent studies, it has been found that websites that invest in creating good quality blogs, videos, and other types of content on 120% more revenue than those that do not. It is the benefit of blogs that keep the audience engaged in your website. Informative contents are what people look for. Therefore, you could check here the best e-commerce SEO company that provides SEO-friendly content writing services.

Go for SMS marketing

Brands are using the SMS feature to market their newest deals and offers. It is an efficient way to hit the customers’ minds and frequently remind them about the products they have left in their cart or the recent sale. People often ignore most of the emails coming from different e-commerce brands, especially when they have not ordered anything. However, SMS is always visible on their phone even when they are in offline mode. Therefore, SMS marketing is much more impactful than email marketing.

Avoid pop-ups and other distractions

Pop-ups and other types of advertisements may be promising to you that can guarantee a permanent revenue generation source. Though it may be beneficial for you, it is not for the customers. Studies have shown one of the main reasons for people leaving a particular site is the frequent pop-ups and clickbait. People often find it very irritating and disturbing while they are onto something on your website. Therefore, it is advised to all E-Commerce store owners to avoid any pop-ups and clickbait as much as possible to prevent customer dissatisfaction and low traffic on your website.

Offered time to time giveaways

Every customer likes to have a particular gift for which they haven’t paid for. Therefore, if you provide free giveaways to your customers from time to time, David loves to shop from your e-commerce store frequently rather than buying those from other competitors of yours. This is an easy and efficient way of increasing the number of sales and ultimately the revenue. The giveaway marketing technique is not new in the real world, but it is kind of recent in the virtual world. It is generally seen in the case of makeups and other cosmetic products where a mini version of a particular item is given to the customer along with their orders free of cost.

Make use of social media platforms

There are hardly any people now who do not have an account on any social media platform. More than half of the population in the world are using it. Therefore, using Facebook and Instagram is an innovative and promising way to increase the popularity of your E-Commerce business. It is so prevalent today that a new branch in digital marketing has been formed called social media marketing. Since more than half of the world is using these platforms, it is easy to reach more customers by creating an account on those platforms. In this way, you will be able to create a more online presence and ultimately build a sense of trust in the minds of new audiences and turn them into potential customers.

Go for email marketing

Email marketing is present in the business world from the time emails started. There is hardly any company or brand that does not use this facility to increase their sales. A new automated email marketing is being used that sends pre-made emails through their system to potential customers. Through these emails, companies and brands send welcome emails for the new subscribers, reminder emails mentioning the products left on their carts, deals and offers emails, top-rated products that match the customers’ choice and preference.

Opt for video marketing

There is a proverb called an image says a thousand words. Similarly, a video is even more potent than 10,000 images. It’s a group of images that is speaking. Video marketing creates more impact on the minds of the viewers than any other form of marketing. People often visit YouTube to learn more about the same products that you are offering to them. What if you provide the same feature to them so that they do not have to move to other sites or platforms to gather information? You can use demonstrative videos on your product page.

Make use of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has become a new trend for business concerns to promote their products. This is done by regular people who apply to become affiliates. These affiliates promote the products offered by you on different sites and even to their friends and family. If one of them successfully purchases a product from your store, the affiliate receives a special commission in exchange. This is an efficient way of marketing that involves less investment.


These are only a few of the various marketing tactics that an E-Commerce business can opt for. However, it would be best if you did not rely on these 15 only. Innovation and creativity matter the most. Through new ideas, you can create new marketing strategies that are unique and suits your business the most. For more ideas, you could check here the best E-Commerce SEO company.

In the last, it is the trust of the customers that help a business survive in the market. Therefore creating a good relationship with all your audiences through different ways is the best method of prospering. You can keep them updated regularly and maintain good customer care service for any queries and problems that may occur while shopping at your online store.


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