10 Tips To Become A Better Vlogger In 2021

Vlogging is a great way to get your ideas to your audience; the following are 10 tips to help you become a better blogger. Vlogging is used to refer to a video blog or a video blog. The main medium for making it is videos. Different people start vlogging with their different ideas, as they share their life stories, their hobbies, and share with their friends and family. People are also making money with vlogs by becoming youtube partners.

Tips For Vlogging

#1. Trending Topics:

Trends on Video sharing platforms change frequently. To become successful on such platforms, you need to learn about trending topics. Try to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and participate in them. Videos around a popular trend have more probability of getting viral than a regular vlog. Use the many available tools on the internet, such as Google Trends along with others, will go a long way in helping you pick a good trending topic.

#2. Set Goals:

It is important to set a goal if you want to be successful in vlogging. You can start it with short-term goals, so you know what you are working towards. Have a set plan for achieving your goals; write it out so you can follow along as you create your vlog.

  • Some good goals to follow would include the following:
  • Audience attraction
  • Product or Service promotions
  • Influencers
  • Q&A (questions and answers)
  • Conversation contributions
  • Goal setting is a must for a successful journey.

#3. Locate Your Passion:

To become a great blogger, you have to find your passion and create your vlogs around that passion. It can be gaming, fitness, cooking, fashion, or any other hobby.

Some people are making big mistakes by creating vlogs based on what they think, which will prevent you from ever becoming a popular vlogger.

 #4. Use The Right Words and Tone:

Always remain excited and enthusiastic while you are making a vlog for your audience. Try to talk in a friendly manner, and do not be afraid to use humor in your vlogs. Make sure to make your vlogs enjoyable to watch as people watch vlogs for their entertainment.

If you vlog about a certain topic that you know better, try to avoid jargon as your audience might not be as knowledgeable in that area. They would not show interest in your vlog and will click on some other video.

#5. Make eye contact with the Lens:

Talk to the camera like you are talking to your friends. This is a good way to attract your viewers and make your vlogs more personable and connect with your audience. It becomes more entertaining and personable for the audience when you talk in a more relaxed and spontaneous manner. Looking at the lens rather than the screen makes your video more realistic.

 #6. Understand Your Viewers:

It is one of the most important tips for vlogging to understand who potential viewers are and what they like and dislike. Are they male, female, or mixed? What is their age group, and what are they passionate about?

Once you have the idea about your viewers, you can make better vlogs for them. There will be more chances that they will like your vlogs.

 #7. Quality Vlogs:

Always make sure to upload quality vlogs. As it is the most important point to become a successful blogger. It is not necessary to vlog daily without any entertaining topic or enough footage. Always focus on making high-quality vlogs that your audience will enjoy watching. You can post only 1-2 videos in a week. By following this tip, you will end up attracting a lot of viewers to subscribe to your channel. A quality and frequent content will create a loyal and entertaining pool of audience.

 #8. Be A Consistent Vlogger:

A successful vlogger with many subscribers has been on youtube for at least many years. As we all know that consistency is the key to become successful in each field of life and the same in this case. You can check the history of some popular vloggers, and you will get to know that some vloggers are on youtube for the last ten years. And even after so many years, they are still uploading quality videos. Be regular at how much you upload, and the quality of your content. The main thing of vlogging is that if you stop uploading for a month, then you will not get many subscribers. Just keep uploading, whatever you do. Sometimes vloggers lose hope when they do not grow as fast as they would like. So keep uploading your videos; you never know when your big break might come.

 #9. Make a Story:

It would be a better idea to tell a story in your vlogs instead of a compilation of random clips. Make a story of your throughout the day. Make the videos of your different locations and what are you doing there. Make a video at location A, and then at location B and then edit them together and make a story of that like you are showing your journey.

Make the first 15 seconds of your video exciting and enjoyable to attract the viewers. The best way to do this is by making them curious about what is going to happen in your vlog.

 #10. Be different and Unique:

Think differently and uniquely to make a perfect vlog. As in the competitive market, we know that there are so many vloggers, and there are new vloggers starting every day, so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. You can differentiate yourself from other vloggers with your editing style, what you talk or do in your vlogs, or even who you are as a person. One thing that you must keep in mind that does not to pretend to be someone else and just be yourself. Vlogging is very personal, be true to yourself and let your personality shine through in your videos.

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