Best SEO Ranking Tips for Professionals in 2021

A very Happy new year, readers! December and January are months where most businesses analyze their strategies and create a roadmap for how they will process this year. Here at Glowpedia, we decided to share some of the best SEO practices we and other SEO companies.

In India have followed to improve client rankings and generate more organic traffic, brand awareness, and sales. This blog will discuss some of the best SEO practices for on-page & content optimization, increasing clicks and link building methods, and future trends that an SEO professional should know in 2021

On-page SEO & Content

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a website to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic. Let us discuss some On-page SEO methodologies and content strategies to follow in 2021 to improve website ranking and generate more organic traffic.

Content Audit

The content audit is considered a best practice among top SEO professionals, and they often do this at the end of the year. You can audit your top content on the website and update the blog or article’s content to make it relevant for the users and relaunch it. Most people upload content on their website, promote it on various platforms, social media platforms, and forget about it. It is best to update your full content of the previous two to four years as this content can get more traffic to the website after relaunch. Research claims that updated content can increase website traffic up to 100% – 500% after relaunching it with some updates.

More focus on Internal linking

The next SEO tip will surely improve your ranking and allow the link juice to flow from one page to another. Interlinking is an on-page SEO technique that links one page of the website to another page of your website. More internal linking means more importance it will receive in the search engine. Good internal linking is good for SEO for a page. Most top SEO companies in India need to quickly increase their client’s ranking for these most comfortable levers to pull up the ranking. The first preference goes to the title tags and meta descriptions, and the second preference goes to increasing the internal linking. If there are opportunities to improve your internal links, it’s time to focus on this SEO strategy in 2021.

Remove unnecessary links

Google updates its algorithm and punishes websites that have used unfair means to move up their rankings. Aud auditing is useful for identifying the unnecessary or irrelevant linking, internal and external links, and removing them from your content. Analyze, do you need a contact form on every page of your website? If most of the internal links are not relevant to the content, it’s time to update them with a new one or remove them from the topic. Removing unnecessary links will allow you to create quality links that will help in improving ranking.

Mobile link parity audit

Mobile link parity audit – is an audit process that ensures the link on your mobile site is similar to your desktop website. In recent years, Google has started giving preference to the mobile-first index approach, which means what Google sees on your mobile site; that’s your website. Some recent studies have shown an average of 54 links for a desktop page and 61 links for a mobile carrier. Analyzing this trend means that there are seven fewer links on a mobile page than a desktop page. This also means that a lot of link equity is lost and makes it essential to analyze your website. Ensure there is no mobile link parity between your desktop and mobile site and not losing behind your competitors due to this parity.

Focus on Long-form content

Focusing on long-form content doesn’t mean that you should not invest in short-form content. Short content can also increase the ranking, and there is no point in starting a debate. But there is a reason why you should invest and focus on long-form content in 2021. Some studies prove that long content tends to rank higher and earn more shares and links than others. Investing in long-form content allows your website to rank higher in SERP, and more content means more SEO ranking potential.

Focus on H1, H2, H3 & H4 tags

This SEO tip becomes extremely important if you plan to add long-form content to your website or promote it on other platforms. While posting content, we all focus on H1, but we will be talking about H2, H3 & H4 tags on this topic. Let us understand why H2, H3 & H4 tags are essential? Google has added snippets that are important for ranking factors for any content. Classifying content as H2, H3, & H4 tags helps Google algorithm to understand long-form or short-form content easily. Adding H2, H3 & H4 will make your content easy to understand and rank for the most featured snippets, which means higher ranking. So, in 2021 make sure you are breaking up your content with H2, H3 & H4 tags to add contextual relevance. This is one of the best ways to add ranking potential to your content.

Create topic clusters

While planning for a content strategy, make sure you don’t just create a single piece of content around a topic. Add multiple contents on a single topic or related topics to create a topic cluster when creating this cluster and linking them intelligently. People tend to read similar articles, which means more engagement for your content. Proper internal linking between similar topics or relevant topics helps create internal contextual links, which means more user interactions.

Increasing clicks

One of the most extraordinary things about SEO is it can help websites get more clicks from Google without ranking higher. A website needs not to rank higher to get more traffic. You can get more traffic and clicks with the ranking a website already has. Let us discuss some strategies you need to follow in 2021 to get more clicks without increasing rankings.

Favicon optimization

A favicon is an icon of small pixels. When people open many tabs, then it helps visitors to locate your page easier. About favicon optimization, people didn’t talk in 2020. Search engines display favicons in mobile search results. If they are high contrast, visible or not visible, then they can influence your click-through rate. A favicon does make a difference, but sometimes it can make a minor difference.

Breadcrumb optimization

Breadcrumbs are website links that guide users on the website and how far away they are from the website’s homepage. You will also look for breadcrumb links at the top of the website or in the navigation bar. It would help if you looked at breadcrumb optimization when you are optimizing your favicons. Breadcrumbs are showing on both mobile and desktop search consequences that are displayed by search engines. It can influence your click-through rate. Search engines take their breadcrumbs from many places. Your scheme markup, URL, and your breadcrumbs can be on the page. Using the keywords that you choose, search engines will have displayed the breadcrumbs you want to say. Using schema markup, you will confirm that breadcrumbs truly on your page with links.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are used to notify search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) of what information your website gives. A meta description is a traditional SEO. A study shows that out of 100 percent, 30 percent of websites don’t use Meta description and 70 percent of websites use it; Google is rewriting the Meta description since it does not use the keywords that the users are searching. Meta description forces users to click if you write a well-skilled Meta description. That means, maybe, people are looking for your used keyword-rich description. Hence, when any search engine like Google and yahoo use your Meta description, it checks clicks and performs as an advertising copy for your site.

Numbers in titles

Search engines show below 60 characters of a page’s title in their search consequences. So, the length of your title is playing a crucial role in SEO title optimization. When you add dates to tags, then these will help to increase rankings for a particular thing. Usually, numbers are tested in titles that always will provide you with consistent consequences. If you contain a number, then it will frequently raise your click-through rate for any given query.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and how-to schema

FAQ schema is a code that you place on your site, and it tells Google that this content is in a question and answer format. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a unique feature provided by Google, and Google surprised many people when they introduced FAQ in search outcomes. You cannot know all about that schema, but when you do, that can influence people to click on your result, which will increase traffic on your FAQ. By that, you can increase clicks without increasing your Google ranking.

Link building

Link building is the SEO technique of getting other websites to link to a website or a particular page of a website to improve its ranking. Not everyone likes link building, but it is prevalent among SEO professionals to improve its website rankings and continue this practice even in 2021.

Even though you are not a big fan of link building, it is one of the most effective tools in increasing referral traffic and increasing website DA PA, which is why marketers and brands are interested in link building practices.

Passive link acquisition what exactly is passive link acquisition? – It means creating linkable assets that encourage people to discover them in the SERPs and naturally want to link to them. These types of content generally are data, guides, definitions, and how-to kind of content to earn a lot of links as people find it. It is one of the sustainable link building methods over time and allows building links naturally.

With this content strategy, you don’t have to reach out to people journalists, and bloggers find it naturally wants to link them with the content and generally earn more links.

Aim for the last click

This tip might sound a little odd as you understand its importance, and will get why you need to focus on it in 2021. As most professionals focus on the first click, why do you want to aim for the last click? Here is why.

The last click’s goal is to satisfy the user with your content and provide them exactly what they are searching for. This is what Google strives for: offering the best results to its users and delivering them what they search for.

A user is searching for something, and you are providing them its exact match is a clear indication of getting more traffic and a rise in ranking as Google understands how relevant the content is for the users. Page-level link intersects. This is one of the best tips that almost all SEO professionals know – to find websites that your competitor is getting links from but not you.

However, in 2021 add a little variation to this approach and try to find websites linked to two or more competitors but not to you. This little variation in link building approach helps reach out to the relevant websites and are most likely to connect with your website as it has similar content as your competitors.

Tools like Moz, Ahref, and Ubersuggest are some of the best and commonly used by SEO professionals to search competitors’ backlinks.

Final words

These are the tips that we have prepared with our decade-old experience and carefully analyze India’s best SEO companies. These tips could be your roadmap for 2021 and help you to achieve your goals this year. If there is any SEO tip that helped you in the past, then share it with us in the comment section, and we will surely add the best suggestion in our blog.

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