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We have been always on a verge of increasing our Instagram followers, be it for business purpose or for general fame and likes have a big question on how to increase Instagram followers genuinely. Well, there are many free tools to do so but they are not for real and slowly they start unfollowing you. In this article, we are going to tell you some very easy tricks that need a little hard work but the results are genuine and you can increase your Instagram followers in a legit way.

To gain more followers on your Instagram account you will have to use some rich hashtags that are widely searched throughout the world which we will tell you later but, if you want to target a general product then you can use that particular product hashtag with few more hashtags relevant to your product and audience.

The fastest mode of getting more followers without much work is by using few free tools like 4gram, ighoot, hublagram, etc but they do not send real followers, here what we mean by real followers are not bots but people who start following your account to get some points and in return they get followers as well, the general tendency of people I have seen is unfollowing once they get the followers for the points spent. The natural way for getting followers are by using hashtags or following people on the Instagram account and by leaving a comment that would let the other user know that you are interested in their profile and would be following forever.

how to increase instagram followers genuinely

How To Increase Instagram Followers Genuinely

Now coming to the part where we have mentioned in our title how to increase Instagram followers genuinely is a trick that we follow on our accounts and we get genuine followers for sure.

  1. Find the famous people who have more than 100k followers on their account. Make a list of up to 5-10 people related to your niche such as if you are a technology blogger then start following TechCrunch, AppleFresh, MKBHD, PcGaming
  2. Now keep an eye on them, wait and see when they upload a new post on their account, we suggest you turn on the notification on your Instagram application so that you don’t miss this opportunity which we will tell you in the next step
  3. Once you get the notification that one of the people has posted something new on their account then open it and quickly start following the last 50-100 likes on that post. Make sure you do this within 5-10 minutes as this is the time the followers will generally be active.
  4. Now wait for some time and see that the people you have followed have followed you back as well. Even if you see there are fewer followers then do not lose hope and wait for few more hours, maybe you can wait for a day.
  5. Once you have noticed that the people whom you have followed have followed you back then you can keep them and start unfollowing the others who have not followed you back.

This practice is on an experimental basis but it has worked for us but it doesn’t work most of the time as well. So have patience and keep following and start interacting with the followers as well, win their trust and you will be on a safer side.

Instagram Tool

You can use this wonderful tool named Crowdfire to keep a track of your followers, like who has followed you or unfollowed you. It has helped me grow lots of followers but sadly my Instagram account was banned due to over usage, so make sure you use your Instagram wisely. This tool helps you pick rich hashtags that bring you more followers and likes on your posts. It has also got an automated option to post your articles when you want to schedule it.

Top Instagram Hashtags

Here are the top hashtags that are searched widely and using it appropriately will get you more likes and followers on your Instagram posts:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #me
  4. #tbt
  5. #cute
  6. #follow
  7. #followme
  8. #photooftheday
  9. #happy
  10. #tagforlikes
  11. #beautiful
  12. #self
  13. #girl
  14. #picoftheday
  15. #like4like
  16. #smile
  17. #friends
  18. #fun
  19. #like
  20. #fashion
  21. #summer
  22. #instadaily
  23. #igers
  24. #instalike
  25. #food
  26. #swag
  27. #amazing
  28. #tflers
  29. #follow4follow
  30. #bestoftheday
  31. #likeforlike
  32. #instamood
  33. #style
  34. #wcw
  35. #family
  36. #141
  37. #f4f
  38. #nofilter
  39. #lol
  40. #life
  41. #pretty
  42. #repost
  43. #hair
  44. #my
  45. #sun
  46. #webstagram
  47. #iphoneonly
  48. #art
  49. #tweegram
  50. #cool
  51. #followback
  52. #instafollow
  53. #instasize
  54. #bored
  55. #instacool
  56. #funny
  57. #mcm
  58. #instago
  59. #instasize
  60. #vscocam
  61. #girls
  62. #all_shots
  63. #party
  64. #music
  65. #eyes
  66. #nature
  67. #beauty
  68. #night
  69. #fitness
  70. #beach
  71. #look
  72. #nice
  73. #sky
  74. #christmas
  75. #baby

Please be adviced not to use more hashtags else Instagram can flag your post as spam and you won’t be getting more likes or followers, use the hashtags relevantly and try to keep it minimum so that your post doesn’t look spammy at all.

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