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The first thought that comes to our mind while general surfing or using Facebook and going through our newsfeed, we start feeling that how much these page owners must be earning and how much a blogger is earning from his blog. These things lead us to a very common question “How to earn from home without any investment”? To this question we have

Being a blogger and having multiple blogs I get to hear many questions from my friends and relatives that how to earn from home like you? Also, they have this very common question which everyone asks me that if they have to make an initial investment at the beginning. Well to this question I have mentioned the points below which will let you know if you will have to invest or not.

So first let us make sure and get a brief introduction on how to earn from home and what all resources do we require? So to this basic answer is – you need a laptop or a computer, a good internet connection with an unlimited plan as you will have to surf a lot and upload things (we will discuss this later), you also need the most precious thing and that is time.

Earn From Home Without Spending Anything

Now that we have these three basic things with us then we can proceed further and choose what we can do better and most importantly in what things we are better at.

1. Blogging

blogging banner

Blogging is an art and it is the easiest way to reach your audience through the form of writing articles which I am doing in this article. In blogging what we do is write articles that are unique and helps our users read them, it could be based on sharing general tricks, information or maybe something that a user tends to know which is not available in detail anywhere.

So the question over here arises that how do I earn from blogging and how much do I have to invest on it?

You can do blogging on a free platform named Blogger which is hosted by Google itself and gives much exposure and relevancy if you have the unique type of content posted for the public. You can check this article on how to host a blog on Blogger for free. The limitation of hosting a blog on Blogger is that you will be getting a subdomain name followed by Blogspot. If you tend to spend few penny then you can host your very own personal domain such as www.yourdomainname.com on Blogger for free as well but you will have to pay for the domain name which will cost you no more than 10$ for a .com TLD.

After this, you will have to apply for Adsense account which then will help you place ads on your blog and help you earn when users visit your blog or click on the advertisement banners. Also, you can use affiliate services such as reviewing products from Amazon and putting the links for those products with your affiliate code.

2. Freelancing


This has been discussed a lot of times and we know what freelancing is? If you don’t know then let me tell you that freelancing is getting jobs on a short-term basis which gets completed quickly and you must have technical skills on computers such as creating logos, installing scripts on a server, writing articles for others, etc.You can make a good amount of money from freelancing and if you are a student then it won’t hamper with your studies, because the nature of freelancing is short-term and quick you complete the task quickly and get paid instantly from sites such as Freelancer, Envato Studio (currently not available for registration), Fiverr.

3. Writing Articles

earn from home writing articles

If you are good at writing articles or tutorials on anything then this is how to earn from home without any investment. I do not have to mention the particular websites that hire content writers and pay them, you can google it according to your geolocation. You can even contact bloggers from your city or country and ask them if they pay to content writers, they generally do and this can make you earn quick money at the end of the day after delivering your content to them.

4. Youtube

earn from home using youtube

Youtube is not just meant for watching videos but also getting paid for uploading your videos. Yes, you have heard it right that Youtube pays to your content that gets a good amount of views, the more the views the more you earn. So how does this work? You might have seen an increase in Technology bloggers that reviews electronic gadgets if you are good at it and have the resources like a good camera and a mic then you can start reviewing products that you use. Women who are housewives can make videos on cooking, cosmetics products reviews and much more. You will have to create a Gmail account and then you can go to Youtube and apply for Adsense account over here.

5. Teach & Earn

teach and earn online

So there is a website named Skillshare which is a very big platform for teachers to teach and earn from home. There are more than 2 million students and over 5 million teachers registered on this website and it is quite easy to enroll yourself as a teacher over here. All you have to do is create your first class and build a channel to engage with students. Skillshare assures that teachers on an average earn $3000$ per year and top teachers make up to $40,000 a year.

These were the five ways through which you can earn from home without any investment if you have anything else to share then please leave a comment down below and if you have any query regarding the above-mentioned ways then feel free to ask us.

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  1. Superb! I will create a YouTube channel soon. Will let you guys know about it. Thanks for the detailed information on it.

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