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Billions of websites are available on the internet, and each one of them serves some purpose. Even if we talk about malicious websites, they even have a purpose, attacking a use for information. In this article, we have picked the top 5-time saving and handy websites for blogging that will help you increase your productivity.

Website hunting is a new way of exploring and finding true adventure among people. Some get unnoticed, and some are buried deep down where Google doesn’t even shower a spell to bring them into notice. We have been using these websites over the years, and they have served us well.

1. RemoveBG

Remove Background Image

It is undoubtedly tedious and, sometimes, endless to remove the background from a photograph. RemoveBG has one of the best algorithms and flawless APIs in this regard. Once you upload the image, it automatically detects and removes the background, having you just seated and not clicking a thing. It is convenient and reduces your effort to nearly zero.

Website Link

2. ReelGood

Reel Good Website

It is quite evident that we have a vast number of streaming services today. And the movies, TV-shows, and Web-series are likely spread over various platforms; therefore, searching for one can be time-consuming and unavailing.

ReelGood solves the headache of revolving around multiple streaming platforms to search and find what’s featuring where. Instead of bouncing between disparate apps, ReelGood curates the list of contents and their partnered streaming services. It offers options to track a particular show or movie for you, find you free movies so that you won’t accidentally pay for those already accessible online.

It is an extensive streaming guide that features over 300 free and paid streaming services, all inside an intuitive and attractive website.

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3. Convert Files

Online Files Converter

Every file has its format and extension. The format you may be sending or receiving a file may not be the most popular one. In which case, you need to change the file format, and therefore, a file converter.

Online file converters are handy in this case. They are hassle-free and easy to use. Just upload your file, convert it to a desirable format, and download it.

Convert Files is an online file converter tool that books many file formats into its array of support. It accepts up to 250MB of the data and simultaneous conversion of multiple files.

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4. Temp Mail

Temporary Mail

Temp Mail is a disposable e-mail service. It offers an instant disposable e-mail every time you enter the website. Each e-mail address is unique and has no expiration date. It also supports custom usernames and their corresponding QR-code. If you are a person who is irked by all sorts of advertisements and spams on your mailbox, Temp Mail will surely help you keep it clean, secure, and spam-free.

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5. Gofile

File Hosting For Bloggers

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had an unlimited cloud sharing option, that too free and not having to log in? Well, Gofile exactly does that for you. It is a free and anonymous service that lets you store and share data of all types without capping your bandwidth or limiting your uploads.

The files uploaded on Gofile servers are encrypted (TLS1.2+, SHA256, and RSA-4096) and remain stored as long as they are regularly downloaded from different IPs. Gofile can be really helpful when you temporarily share files on the web and want to maintain your anonymity while not having to worry about your cloud drive being full.

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Final Thoughts

I hope the websites mentioned in this article were all new and unheard-of to you. Anticipating that they wipe out your daily setbacks, this was a list of top 5 apps that you would find helpful in your day-to-day internet misadventures.

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