What To Do If Google Adsense Has Been Banned

Google Adsense is an outstanding affiliate marketing program in the market that lets the users earn money through their websites/blogs by placing the Google advertisement banners. Google is stringent over its rules and regulations, and they must be followed by the partner aggressively. On many occasions, I have seen my fellow blogger friends Google Adsense account getting banned.

So, what to do if your Google Adsense Account is banned? Can you re-apply again? We will cover the points in this article and hope that you get your Adsense account reinstated.

Google always warns you before banning your account. They send a mail regarding the page that violates the rules and regulations; if you’re smart enough, then you will be disabling the ads on those particular pages. However, you must be aware of the content on your website first before placing the Google Adsense codes.

What To Do If Google Adsense Has Been Banned? Account banned

The first and foremost thing to do is check your email and see the mail from Google regarding the ban. In most of the instances, Google mentions the violation of your account. If not, then you must investigate what has been the issue. Most of the time, these are the reasons:

  • Invalid clicks
  • Pornography/explicit content
  • Traffic from paid sources or emails
  • No sale of illegal products.


Many other factors determine the ban of an Adsense account. You may check the best practice guide for Adsense from Google.

How To Get Adsense Account Reinstated

Once an Adsense account is banned, it is near to impossible to get it reinstated. The Google staff access the report, and then the final call is taken. However, if you think that you have not committed any mistake and that you have been a victim, then you may send them a mail and request them to reinstate your Google Adsense account. Before sending the mail, do the following things:

  • Remove any third-party advertisements.
  • Remove illegal content from your website.
  • Rewrite a few articles and update them.
  • Speed up your website by removing some unwanted plugins/codes.

How To Apply For a New Adsense Account

apply for adsense

  1. Reinstall your entire operating system or use a different computer.
  2. Change the IP address of your internet connection or use a different ISP.
  3. Create a new Gmail account on your family members’ names. Kindly take the consent from them before creating.
  4. Apply for a new Google Adsense account with a new domain. Do not use the previous domain at all.
  5. Make slight changes to your address. Make sure you do not use the same address that you have previously used.
  6. Use a different mobile number for the verification process.

Once your account is verified, and you are allowed to place ads on your new domain, you can apply for the old domain after a few days. However, I would suggest you use the new domain and redirect all your content from the old domain to the new one.


Applying for a new Adsense account is more straightforward than before; for more information, you may check how to get an Adsense account approved for a new website. Google Adsense is a very nice program for bloggers to earn some extra money by placing ads from Google. This does not hamper the user interface or the user experience of your website visitors. Always follow the rules and regulations and practice the best ways to maintain your website for a smoother experience for both your website visitors and Google Adsense.

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