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We are nowadays on the verge to start earning online, as it is the most trending topic among the youth. Many followers and friends asked me how to get Google Adsense approved after reading this article on how to earn from home that I posted last year? Google Adsense is a program initiated by Google to help advertisers gain profit by displaying advertisements, banners, links, and various forms of ad-placements on publisher’s websites and blogs.

Google has a stringent policy over its Adsense program, which needs to be followed very carefully by the publishers to get it approved and start monetizing their websites/blogs. There is plenty of information provided by Google in their blog post before applying for an Adsense account, and also various bloggers cover many tips and information. Still, most of them forget to include the sensitive parts which we are going to cover in this article.

When I started Glowpedia, I never thought of monetizing it instantly. Still, later on, I realized that placing ads on your blog is not always about earning money. Yet, it also helps the visitors of your blog to see any helpful information or product related to my post as many things are not covered in a single article. In this article, we will cover both the things to do and not to do for applying Google Adsense. We hope that the chances of getting the approval are high as these standards if followed thoroughly, won’t lead to a rejection of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Google Adsense?
  • How will it help me monetize my blog or website?
  • How to apply for Google Adsense?
  • What are the requirements for Google Adsense?
  • Am I eligible for the Adsense program?
  • Do I have to fill a form on Google Adsense?
  • Do I have to visit Google Office?
  • What if my application is not accepted?
  • And the main question is, “does my blog qualify to serve Google Ads?”

To all these questions above, we have detailed answers, which will give you an ample amount of knowledge and information about how Google Adsense works and how to apply for it without getting rejected on the first chance.

Things To Do And Not To Do

The things which we are going to mention are already covered on the internet and are the basic instructions provided by Google on their blog post to follow before applying for the Adsense program. Perhaps, we have mentioned a few bullet points that many bloggers have not covered in their articles and will help you get your Google Adsense approved.


This is the most common practice to do and is quite popular on the internet mentioning to have an easy user interface of your blog/website. If your navigation is glitchy, then no one tends to stay on your website for long. It is better to use a simple theme or a template that lets the user navigate quickly to the social network links, widgets, contact page, privacy policy page, about, disclaimer, etc.

  • If you are on WordPress or Blogger, then opt for a free theme/template. Do not ever use a nulled one, because it contains backdoors and malicious codes implemented that would lead to rejection of your application at one go.
  • Website users should have a neat design and not too complicated for the user to navigate.


Everyone knows content is the key to every successful blogger; if your content is copied or not informative, then there is no use of working online. Google always focuses on content, and content is everything for them because a user searches a particular keyword; later, he wants to find something informative. If your article title is “how to make money online,” and your content is about spending money online is different and doesn’t make any sense. So make sure that the content that you write should be unique and easy to be understood.

  • Write a minimum of at least 500 words articles.
  • Have 10-15 articles already posted before applying for Adsense?
  • Interlink the articles.
  • Always have quality content and not like “how-to,” “tips and tricks,” bla bla bla.
  • With the help of this article writing tool, you can write correct error-free articles.


A user needs to navigate through the pages that are informative and helps them get more information out of your blog/website. This is a very must standard rule to follow before you apply for Google Adsense. You must have these four pages and should be easily viewable in the header or the footer or on the side widget.

  • ABOUT page should be there, which tells more about your blog niche or the purpose of the blog.
  • CONTACT page is a must for any kind of website/blog which lets a visitor contact you through this page for any sort of general query or complaint.
  • PRIVACY POLICY page should be created that discloses any kind of information that you gather from the user when they visit and how you tend to use that information. You can create a privacy policy page from here.
  • DISCLAIMER page helps you save from any kind of loss that a user may face while going through your article. You must always mention the disclaimer information that it is the user’s responsibility.

Social Media

Set up social media accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, make a board on Pinterest. Getting traffic from these social giant sites helps you in getting a backlink, although they are no-follow but helps in boosting your blog rank in many ways.

  • Use Quora and Reddit to answer questions and link back to your relevant article.
  • Make a YouTube channel, and start posting videos.

Domain Whois Details Must Be Same

I remember a few years back when I applied for Google Adsense; I got an email from them mentioning the Whois information of the domain is different from the one which I have used for. I never thought of this, and it was also not discussed elsewhere that we need to have the same contact name for both the domain and the name on the application. It is better to hide your domain whois details or keep the personal information and Domain whois the same.

  • Keep the email of the domain whois to that of the Gmail id from which you are applying.
  • Alternatively, you can hide your domain whois information from your Domain registrar (you might need to purchase it if you are on Godaddy, Bigrock, Name, etc. Namecheap provides free domain whois privacy)

No Pop-ups Or Other Ads

This is very important before applying for Adsense. No one likes those annoying pop-ups, and disturbing ad banners have adult contents. Google has a strict policy with adult/violent/drug content. Remove all the ad codes of different ad-programs altogether and any pop-up script if you have placed anywhere on your blog.

Broken Links

A broken link is a terrible example of maintaining and updating your blog. It gives a wrong impression to the visitors that the webmaster doesn’t keep the blog properly. It is better to check for broken links placed anywhere on your blog.

  • Check the social media links
  • Check the menu links if they are correctly directing to the categories or pages

Google Adsense Approved

The moment you receive the email from Google that your Adsense account has been accepted and you can place your ads, follow these things carefully because you are not yet done. Google Adsense team will review your blog and see if it is going to help the advertisers gain by placing the ads on your blog.

  • Keep updating your blog by posting articles
  • Keep a follow up on all the things that we have mentioned above
  • Do not place more than 3-5 ads on a single article (the best practice to follow at the beginning is by placing a banner ad in the header, a responsive banner at the starting of your article, a banner ad in between your article and a link ad at the end of the article)
  • Get some traffic running through social media and search engines

Google Adsense Rejected

Do not lose hope is the moral of the story; there is always a second chance to follow. Although, we hope that after following the standards provided by Google and by other bloggers, it won’t happen. If by any chance, your application is rejected, then you can follow these.

  • Re-apply for Adsense account after a few days by updating your articles and getting more traffic and engagement
  • You can apply for other ad-networks like Infolinks, Chitika, Bitvertisers, Media.net, etc.
  • Change your niche and go for internet marketing, i.e., E-commerce affiliates like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. (they pay a reasonable amount if you get their products sold, even if you do not sell them your affiliate link gets you earned for other products as well)

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