What Do You Need For The Best-Shared Hosting Provider

If you’re starting your own blog or creating a business site, shared hosting is probably the most economical hosting method. You can host your site for as little as $ 1 a month, and you’ll get benefits such as website builders and one-click app installers.

However, shared hosting is not always the best solution. If the number of accesses to other sites using the shared server suddenly increases, the communication speed and performance of your site will be affected. Besides, security breaches on other sites can affect the part of the server that is assigned to you, which can cause various problems.

That’s why it’s important to register with the best hosting company. It would be nice to have a hosting company that respects you as a user rather than assigning it to a packed server.

We’ve tested several shared hosting providers, and we’ll give you some information to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Shared Hosting Provider: Recommended Services

  • WP Engine – Professional Managed WordPress Hosting Plan
  • Hostinger – Great low price package
  • InMotion Hosting – Advanced features for professional users
  • iPage – Low Price and Unlimited Hosting
  • FastComet – Great security and high performance

What do you need for the best-shared hosting provider?

Shared hosting providers vary considerably in price and service content. We tested shared hosting companies from the following perspectives:

  • Cost performance: Just because the price is low does not mean that the cost performance is high. We focused not only on the price but also on the content of the service.
  • Features and Features Included: Some hosting companies offer minimal features, while others offer useful features such as site builders, email addresses, and one-click installers.
  • Customer Support: All hosting companies provide some support, but 24/7 support is the best. Also, it would be better to have multiple inquiry methods.
  • Security: It is important to protect your site from cyber attacks, DDoS attacks, malware, etc., so I searched for a provider that emphasizes security measures.

WP Engine – Great for WordPress fans

Looking for more than just a shared hosting provider? Introducing WP Engine. If you are using WordPress, you will love the managed hosting plan for WordPress and various special benefits.


WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting plan includes a Genesis framework for WordPress ($ 60 worth) and 35 StudioPress themes ($ 2000 worth). With such tools available, you should be able to create a beautiful website in minutes.

Other perks include a Global CDN (Content Delivery Network), which loads pages quickly. There are also three different environments (development, stage, production) so you can test them out before publishing your site.

Learn more about WP Engine.


  • WP Engine’s “aggressive caching” loads the page quickly.
  • You can leave all the security of your site to WP Engine.
  • The cost performance is outstanding. WP Engine is cheaper than other hosting companies and has a lot of benefits. It’s full of automatic backups, security measures, WordPress server optimizations, Genesis frameworks and StudioPress themes.
  • The SSL certificate will be automatically installed on your site.
  • WP Engine provides professional support for WordPress issues and troubles.


  • The customized backend is a bit complicated and may take some getting used to.
  • WP Engine doesn’t host DNS, so it’s a bit complicated because you need to set up DNS records before you publish your site.
  • There are some WordPress that are not allowed because they conflict with the WP Engine platform. Includes WordFence, Jetpack related posts, Broken Link Checker, Fuzzy SEO Booster and more.

Speed ​​optimization: Use the cache to load the page quickly

Free SSL Yes. Will be installed automatically

Customer support: Provide 24/7 support via live chat, ticket email and phone

Security function: Included in the managed hosting plan

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Hostinger – A budget-friendly plan

If you register for a 3-year plan with Hostinger, you will be able to use a shared hosting plan for less than $ 1 per month (basic single shared hosting plan).


Hostinger’s single plan is a bit limited, but premium and business plans have a lot of features and benefits. Free domain names, SSL certificates, better server-side processing power, and more.

Hostinger guarantees 99.9 % uptime. In other words, if your site’s monthly uptime drops below 99.9%, you’ll get a refund for the downtime.

All plans have weekly backups. Business plans are backed up daily.

Learn more about Hostinger.


  • If you’re a beginner, you’ll love Zyro Builder, a website builder that makes it easy to create a site. Zyro’s interface is drag-and-drop, with about 200 templates and basic e-commerce capabilities.
  • With the premium plan and business plan, you can use an unlimited number of sites, SSD capacity, bandwidth, and MySQL database.
  • You can’t underestimate it because it’s cheap. Hostinger uses the latest technologies such as PHP 7, NGINX caching, GZIP compression and HTTP / 2.
  • Customer support would be great too. The live chat staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the response time is quick, which is convenient.
  • Hostinger has a Loyal Customer Guarantee Program for web hosting and domain renewals, and you can renew at the lowest price when you renew your hosting. (Some hosting companies have increased the renewal price by up to 500% compared to the initial price.)


  • Hostinger offers a customized dashboard instead of traditional cPanel. It’s easy to use, but it may not have the advanced features of cPanel.
  • SSL certificates are only available for the most expensive business plans.
  • Live chat is only available to logged-in users, so you can’t easily ask questions without subscribing to the plan.

Speed ​​optimization: Optimize speed with NGINX caching

Free SSL Available in business plans

Customer support: Live chat support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Security function: Basic security and backup

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InMotion Hosting – The most feature-rich service

InMotion Hosting is a medium-sized shared hosting provider that allows you to publish your site online quickly and easily. Over 400 applications such as WordPress and Drupal can be installed with a single click.

InMotion Hosting provides advanced users with interesting features such as SSH access.


All InMotion Hosting shared hosting plans come with free security features. Includes SSL certificate, hacker protection, free automatic backup, DDoS attack protection and more.

The plan also includes marketing tools that should help you advertise your presence online, including free promotional gift cards and visitor stats. The more advanced plans you choose, the more features you can use.

InMotion Hosting also offers a free transfer service.

Learn more about InMotion Hosting.


  • It’s easy to get started. It will explain all the important points you need to know by email.
  • InMotion Hosting takes the 9% uptime guarantee even further. It has a real-time network and server status page so you can see if there’s a problem with the server (you can tell if it’s a problem with the site itself).
  • If you want to use the best deals, you don’t need to subscribe to the one with the longest contract period because there is not much price difference.
  • InMotion is a very economical service. Even the most basic plan (launch plan) comes with two sites, a free domain, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Also, a 90-day money-back guarantee applies.


  • InMotion Hosting’s data centres are all American, so it’s good for American users, but it may not be very suitable for Japanese users. This is because the site may take some time to load.
  • To prevent fraud, InMotion is a system that authenticates by phone. This means that you have to wait for a call from the support staff to authenticate your account. Due to the time difference, it will be inconvenient for Japanese users.
  • So far, InMotion doesn’t offer NGINX to improve page load speed.

Speed ​​optimization: None

Free SSL Yes. Available for all plans

Customer support: Provides 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone

Security function: Free security features with DDoS attack protection and backup

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iPage – Most Economical

If you want to get unlimited hosting at a low price, iPage will love you.

The extra-free hosting package comes with everything you need to publish your site online. There is also a website builder with e-commerce capabilities.


iPage offers many additional benefits. It is convenient because you can use an unlimited number of domains in your account, you can use a free email address, and there are various apps that you can create on any site.

You can also get advanced security features with SiteLock ($ 100 worth) and a free SSL certificate.

You can also contact customer support by email, ticket, live chat, phone, etc., which is convenient because you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technical support staff will solve various problems quickly and efficiently.

Click here for more information on iPage.


  • iPage offers a simple and economical shared hosting plan, which appeals to unlimited storage capacity, bandwidth and number of sites in one plan.
  • As an EPA green power partner, iPage’s data centres and web servers are powered by renewable energies such as wind power.
  • Security features included in the service include anti-malware and firewalls to protect your site from hackers and malicious attacks. A daily backup is also included.
  • iPage has various integrated functions such as Google app and PayPal, so you can easily start a basic e-commerce online shop.
  • iPage gives you more expensive promotional gift cards than other hosting companies, so you can get more visits to your site without paying extra.


  • Instead of the easy-to-use cPanel, iPage can only manage to host with outdated vDeck.
  • iPage limits CPU usage and can result in account suspension if you are using a lot of resources.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but if you apply for a refund, you’ll be deducted $ 15 for a free domain name.

Speed ​​optimization: None

Free SSL: Yes. Available for all plans

Customer support: 24-hour phone and chat support

Security function: Provided by SiteLock. Besides, there is a daily backup

‌See the latest information on iPage plans

FastComet – Best security measures

Joining FastComet’s shared hosting plan is economical in the long run. With cloud-based servers and BitNinja server security, this service offers unbelievably high performance.


FastComet’s shared hosting plan, which prioritizes performance, runs in the SSD-only cloud. Therefore, it is characterized by high speed, high stability and high utilization rate.

FastComet offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and a free Cloudflare CDN SSL, which is an additional measure against data theft.

In the unlikely event of a hack, our technical team will restore your files and quickly protect your site. There is no additional charge.

FastComet offers many step-by-step tutorials to help you manage your hosting and develop the skills you need to create a professional-looking site.

Learn more about FastComet.


  • FastComet has eight data centres around the world. You can choose the location of your server when you buy a hosting plan.
  • You can get a free domain name for the entire duration of your plan (not just one year like other hosting companies).
  • There are many benefits to the plan. Cloudflare CDN caching helps your site run faster, includes malware removal, firewalls, brute force attack protection, and spam protection.
  • FastComet promises three times fewer users per server and three times more resources per account. You can also get an exclusive system called RocketBooster. This system provides high performance shared hosting plans.
  • FastComet has a fixed renewal fee. In other words, you will not be charged a large amount suddenly, even after the initial contract period ends.


  • FastComet also accepts monthly payments, but there is a setup fee if you pay this way.
  • If you transfer your domain name to FastComet, you will not be eligible for the perpetual free benefit. You’ll pay $ 95 each year to renew your domain name.
  • FastComet does not have a plan with unlimited SSD storage capacity. Even the most expensive plans have a storage capacity of up to 35GB.

Speed ​​optimization: Rocket Booster speeds up site loading

Free SSL: There are both Let’s Encrypt SSL and Cloudflare CDN SSL

Customer support: Provides 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone

Security function: In addition to basic protection, there is support in case the site is hacked

‌Compare the latest information on FastComet plans

Superb Internet – Service with the highest stability

Superb Internet isn’t as well known as other hosting companies, but it’s a service worth mentioning. The custom platform makes it the most reliable and stable shared hosting provider.


Superb Internet’s Gridiron platform provides the high performance and stability you would expect from expensive hosting services such as VPNs and dedicated servers.

Superb Internet offers a variety of services and has a customer-first warranty. This means that if you fail to meet the promises of guaranteed standards (such as network availability and support tickets within 30 minutes), you will be exempt from up to one month’s usage fees.

Learn more about Superb Internet.


  • Superb Internet’s proprietary Gridiron platform eliminates the impact of other sites using the same server.
  • There is a 100% uptime guarantee. This is a feature not often found in shared hosting.
  • Superb Internet’s shared hosting plan is extremely scalable, and you can adjust your hosting plan as your business grows. You can add resources as needed.
  • Unlike many shared hosting plans, all Gridiron plans allow you to choose between Linux or Windows.
  • The Gridiron platform has a backup system running to prevent server failures and keep the site available at all times. Besides, the server is monitored 24/7 by professional technical experts.


  • The MySQL database is limited to 5x100MB with a basic shared hosting plan. Sufficient for small businesses but limited customization options.
  • Superb Internet does not offer cPanel or Plesk as part of its plan. If you want to use these, you need to pay an additional fee as an add-on separately from the plan fee.
  • Advanced countermeasures against malicious attacks such as malware and DDoS attacks can only be used as add-ons for plans. However, basic firewall protection is included in the plan.

Speed ​​optimization: Gridiron platform is optimized for best performance

Free SSL: Yes. Available for all plans

Customer support: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer-first warranty

Security function Includes basic firewall protection. Other features will be charged separately as add-ons

‌Compare Superb Internet packages

Shared hosting has a lot of charm.

You may have noticed that the shared hosting plans introduced in this article do not introduce the big companies you see on other review sites. We are committed to conducting sincere reviews regardless of the affiliated program.

All of the companies introduced in this article are introduced because the service content for users is good, not because we can get a large amount of compensation. The above-shared hosting plans have the best cost performance, and each has its own features that you should pay attention to.

Have you wondered which one is better? Please refer to the important points in the comparison table below.

Hosting company Attention point $ Great for such users Free SSL Free domain

WP Engine Includes Genesis framework, over 35 Studio Press themes ($ 2000 worth) $$ $$ Bloggers and businesses using WordPress ✔ ✖

Hostinger Zyro Builder has over 200 templates and e-commerce capabilities $ Total beginner Only some plans ✔

InMotion Hosting Advanced security features $$ Security-focused venture company ✔ ✔

iPage Get lots of advertising credits to help you promote your business $ Environmentally friendly business and non-profit organizations ✔ ✔

FastComet Free domain that can be used for the entire duration of the plan $$ Business processing sensitive data ✔ ✔

Superb Internet Gridiron platform offers dedicated server-like stability at a low price $$ Business that requires 100% uptime and has a small budget ✔ ✔

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